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Created by: Bikey#5670
Short link: discord.ly/doozy
A discord music bot , for play music with reaction control.

;help (h) Display all commands and descriptions

;loop (replay,lp,repeat) Toggle music loop

;lyrics (ly) Get lyrics for the currently playing song

;np (nowplaying) Show now playing song

;pause (hold) Pause the currently playing music

;play ยง Plays audio from YouTube or Soundcloud

;playlist (pl) Play a playlist from youtube

;queue (list,q,qu,musiclist,songlist) Show the music queue and now playing.

;remove (drop) Remove song from the queue

;resume (continue,r) Resume currently playing music

;search (sc,ytsearch,ytsc) Search and select videos to play

;shuffle (sf,mix) Shuffle queue

;skip (s,next,sk,nxt) Skip the currently playing song

;skipto (st,jump) Skip to the selected queue number

;stop (leave,dc,disconnect,fuckoff) Stops the music

;volume (vol,v) Change volume of currently playing music