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Invite Dropship bot to your server and start playing Among Us with its game code commands. Enjoy the simplicity of the Dropship Discord Bot.

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Dropship Discord Bot Described:

Dropship is a simple bot designed to streamline the process of starting/finding a game of Among Us by sending game codes across servers.

If you’ve played a lot of Among Us, you’ve probably experienced this: starting a game and waiting, fiddling with your hat and running around aimlessly, staring blankly at the player counter waiting for it to go up.
But the problem is that many people join from the games menu, with more full games first. This leads to a paradox- more people join if more people are in the game already.

Dropship has been designed to solve that issue.

Dropship is a simple bot designed to streamline the process of starting/finding a game of Among Us by sending game codes across servers. All you have to do is connect a channel in your server and codes will be sent in it!

And Dropship is far from done- it is still developing. New features, better moderation, and less bugs- all to bring you a sleeker, swifter game experience.

Bot-Related Commands:

  • eject- Check bot status and latency.
  • server- Provides a link to the support server.
  • invite- Provides a link to invite the bot.
  • website- Provides a link to the website.

Code Commands:

  • connect [channel ID]- Connects a channel.
  • code [code]- Sends a game code to all connected channels.
  • detailedcode [code] [region] [map]- Sends a game code with region and map information.
  • disconnect- Disconnects your current connected channel.

Game Info Commands:

  • wiki [search term]- Searches the Among Us wiki for a search term and brings up the page if possible.

Coming Soon:

  • VC commands- creating and deleting, muting dead, muting/unmuting based on stages
  • Game guide- beginner’s guide to general and roles

Visit our website at https://anorakx.gitbook.io/dropship/ to get a guide and changelog!
Join the support server at https://discord.gg/2SmpEGd for announcements, bug reports, and suggestions.

Invite the bot today, and stop waiting. Use Dropship to get off the Dropship.

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add Dropship Discord Bot to my server?

You can add Dropship to your Discord Server by pressing 'Add Dropship Discord Bot' on this page.

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Created by: Xanorak#6785