Discord Among Us Bots

Find the best Discord Among Us Bot for your Discord Server, including Manage Bot to Among US Bot! and more!

Manage Bot Discord Bot Banner
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Advanced slash command bot for managing Pterodactyl servers on Discord
Among US Bot! Discord Bot Banner
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Meme  Fun 
a bot that fulfills all your among us needs!
The Impostor Bot Discord Bot Banner
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Among Us Bot is an easy to use bot to tell you tips about among us and entertain you
Crewmate Discord Bot Banner
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Automatically mute members depending on your game state. No more talking mid-game with this Among Us Utility Bot.
Dropship Discord Bot Banner
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Dropship is a simple bot designed to streamline the process of starting/finding a game of Among Us by sending game codes across servers.
Imposter Discord Bot Banner
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A bot for mute and unmute members.
Sypher Discord Bot Banner
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Music  Meme 
A Multi-Purpose discord bot with Moderation,Music and Fun commands
Crewmate (Among Us) Discord Bot Banner
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Crewmate is a Discord bot for helping you play Among Us.
Among UX Discord Bot Banner
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Fun  Gaming 
Among UX is a bot that helps users find active games of Among Us in the same Discord server. ***Create unique GIFs to show the active games of your server***
FhionaChan Discord Bot Banner
FhionaChan Discord Bot Logo

Indonesian Bot🇮🇩 Fhiona merupakan bot untuk moderating server atau bermain mini games yang sudah di sediakan dan lain lain. Jadi invite Fhiona ke server mu sekarang !!
Among Us Helper [au!] Discord Bot Banner
Among Us Helper [au!] Discord Bot Logo

Fun  Gaming 
Currently the best simplistic Among Us VC manager. When you run the start command, this bot creates and manages everything for you.
Among Us! Discord Bot Banner
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Add the Among Us Bot to improve your voice channels! Includes Moderation, Voice Channels, Matchmaking and more! Bot updated daily!
Among Us Bot Discord Bot Banner
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Gaming  Fun 
This is the among us bot! We have tips, tricks, memes, and a lot of features! Has a 99% uptime, quite a lot of commands, and more! Add the bot today!
SCI-BOT Discord Bot Banner
SCI-BOT Discord Bot Logo

SCI - BOT is meme & currency bot, although moderation and multipurpose too.
Impostor Discord Bot Banner
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This is a simple bot For Among Us Game این یک ربات ساده برای راحت تر بازی کردن بازیه امونگ اس است و اولین بات فارسی و وریفای شده ای بازی امونگ اس
Crewmate Discord Bot Banner
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Fun  Gaming 
The best bot Among Us utility bot. Keeps track of game room codes and prevents in-game talking.