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Servers: 5,716
Users: 1,141,351
Upvotes this month: 0
Prefix: . (customizable)
Created by: FireBunny#3100
Short link: discord.ly/dsc
An easy to use advertising bot that broadcast your bump advertisement to other advertising servers
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An easy to use advertising bot that broadcast your bumps to over 800+ other servers.

Easy to setup

Custom Prefix

Autobump with reduced cooldowns and toggled notifications Premium Only

Constant Development

Bumping to some of the largest advertising servers

Commands Description
.bumpset description Sets your server’s description
.bumpset invite Sets your server’s invite link
.bumpset banner Server banner management
.bumpset autobump Turns autobump on/off Premium
.bumpset bumpchannel Bump channel management
.bumpset colour Sets server bump advertisment colour Premium
.bumpset footer Sets server bump advertisement footer Premium
.bumpset preview Shows what your server’s bump would look like
.bump Bumps your server
.leaderboard Shows the bump leaderboard
.rank Shows the servers’s leaderboard rank
.bump Bumps the server

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