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Prefix: e!
Created by: Electro Cloud#9999
Unique, new features coming out all the time. Lots in plan for this growing bot!

##ECloud.exe current features: —Prefix: “e!”—

(One of the best things about this bot is the insane low ping! Usually around 32ms)

Moderation: • Lock and unlock channels • Hide and unhide channels • Purge command, no cooldown :) • Say command, for users with @everyone permission

Currency: • Still in development but working • balance, transfer, shop, buy

Other: • invite - invites the bot • help - works for all commands except currency. Use e!help <command> to get info on the command. • poll command • low ping (~30ms)

Plans: The bot is constantly in development and new features are being added and perfected all the time. • Way better currency and ways to work for it • Reaction roles • custom prefix • giveaway command • lots more always comes into mind and then I code it :)