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Created by: Army_#2849
A bot with a downloadable logging system, which takes into account the messages and some events. Other commands moderation and members !

As soon as the bot arrives on your server it is strongly advised to create the channel of the bot with e!config channel create or see e!config (Only people with Administrator permission can create the channel.)

  • Bot configurable with an ON/OFF system to enable or disable blocking of Discord invitation links, GIFs, log system... For some staff commands and commands for configuring the bot permissions can be given by roles.
  • Log system downloadable within 2 months. It captures all messages sent by players in all channels and takes into account all characters. The download of the log file is done with the command e!logs <DD-MM-YYYYY> (Example: e!logs 27-06-2020). The bot will send you in private message a .zip file containing a .log file.
  • Warns that can be synchronized between servers. When it is activated, the bans and warns of the other servers appear (after the bot has been added on them) (e!config syncwarns)(The names of the other servers appear in the member's history when synchronization is enabled.)
  • May block Discord invitation links and GIFs as a link.
  • Some commands for members like a food donation system (e!cookie @member) and the ability to view your inventory (e!inv or e!inventory)
  • A member counter on the server is provided with the command e!config membercount create (see e!config for more info). It is also possible to change the channel name, the new name must contain %COUNT% to specify where the number will be placed. Example : e!config mca Members : %COUNT% (see the e!config)
  • As soon as the bot arrives, it will record the number of messages that are sent per person for a Top system to work (e!top messages) Other Top commands are also present for the food donation
  • See the e!help and e!config.

The bot is in continuous development, further additions will improve it. Ideas can be chosen and voted on by the community but will remain approved by me. (The more the idea will be voted, the more I'll want to do it). Ideas can be proposed on the EEyeBot support Discord server

If you need help don't hesitate to go to the bot support server by clicking here !