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Prefix: e?
Created by: !mn.ikhwan#3207
Short link: discord.ly/elaina
A powerful Discord Bot for Anime, Music, Games and some other fun Entertainment. | Online 24/7
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Elaina イ レ イ ナ is a bot created for the purpose of making it easier to use Discord and to have a good impact and make everyone happy! so what are you waiting for? Invite Elaina イ レ イ ナ into your server now!

♾️ | General Command
•Prefix: e?
•Ping: e?ping
•Info Bot: e?info
•Help: e?help
•Status: e?status
•Server info: e?sinfo

🎶 | Music Command
•Play: e?play
•Pause: e?pause
•Resume: e?resume
•Stop: e?stop
•Queue: e?queue
•Now Playing: e?nowplaying
•Skip: e?skip
•Loop: e?loop
•Lyrics: e?lyrics

⛩️ | Anime Command
•Search Anime: e?anifind
•Anime Char: e?waifu
•Neko Char: e?neko
•Neko Lewd: e?nekolewd

🎉 | Meme & Fun Command
•Say: e?say
•Joke: e?Joke
•Dark meme: e?dark
•Meme: e?meme
•Dice: e?Dice
•Coinflip: e?coinflip
•Lucky Machine: e?lucky