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A simple bot with music commands, and more fun commands!
You can vote once every 12 hours.

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List of Emilia’s commands:

[Music commands]

-leave: Leaves voice channel if in one.

-loop: Loop the current playing song.

-lyrics: Get lyrics of any song or the lyrics of the currently playing song.

-music-trivia: Play a music quiz with your friends!

-nowplaying: Display the currently playing song.

-pause: Pause the current playing song.

-play: Play any song or playlist from youtube.

-queue: Display the song queue.

-remove: Remove a specific song from queue.

-resume: Resume the current paused song.

-shuffle: Shuffle the song queue.

-skip: Skip the current playing song.

-skipall: Skip all songs in queue.

-skipto: Skip to a specific song in the queue, provide the song number as an argument.

-stop-trivia: End the music trivia.

-volume: Adjust song volume.

[Gifs commands]

-animegif: Provide a name of an anime show or character and I will send a gif!

-gif: Provide a query and I will send a gif!

[Guild commands]

-ban: Bans a tagged member.

-kick: Kicks a tagged member.

-prefix: Change prefix.

-prune: Delete up to 99 recent messages.

[Fun commands]

-ascii-faces: Get a ton of super cute copy-and-paste Ascii Faces (◕‿◕)

-pixabay: Search Pixabay for public domain, stunning images.

-xkcd: Get a randomized XKCD comic or today’s comic by appending today onto your command.

[Message formatting commands]

-1337: Translate a message to 1337.

-adv1337: Translate a message to advanced 1337.

-binary: Translate a message to binary.

-letter-em: Convert all the letters in a message to emoji letters.

-random-case: Randomize every letter in a sentence’s case, so iT tUrnS oUt lIke ThIS.

-reverse: Reverse your message. If you received a reversed message, you can apply this command to that message to un-reverse it.

[Search commands]

-qr: Generate a QR code to share links/text easily. Any text after the qr command will be encoded in the QR code.

-acronym: Get the meaning of an acronym or abbreviation.

-bitcoin: Retrieve today’s bitcoin rates.

-emoji: Search for emojis related to a certain search term. Get happy emojis, cute emojis, hearts, etc.

-old-define: Get an old-style definition of a word like it’s 1857 1657.

-synonyms: Get all the synonyms for a word.

[Space commands]

-astronauts: Find out how many astronauts are aboard the International Space Station.

-earth: Get image of Earth.

-iss: Get the location of the International Space Station. Updates every second.

-neo: Find out how many Near-Earth objects are near Earth right now.


-cat: Replies with a cute cat picture.

-chucknorris: Get a satirical fact about Chuck Norris!

-creator: Get info. on who coded Emilia.

-fortune: Replies with a fortune cookie tip.

-insult: Generate an evil insult!

-invite: Get Emilia’s invite link, so that she can be invited to other servers.

-motivation: Get a random motivation quote.

-random: Generate a random number between two provided numbers.

-reddit: Replies with 10 top daily posts in wanted subreddit, you can specify sorting and time.

-say: Make me say something weird.

-server: Get server stats, such as member count, when the server was created, and more…

-uptime: Check for how long i’m being online.

-world-news: Let me show you 2 latest news from world.

-ynet-news: Let me show you 5 news from Israel.


-help: Displays a list of available commands, or detailed information for a specified command.

-ping: Checks the bot’s ping to the Discord server.

Im still trying to make more features!

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.