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Prefix: !!
Created by: 青楓OuO#5224
Short link: discord.ly/emoji-bot
A bot that has two languages(English?,中文?) and the bot can help servers add emoji to their message. The bot can send emoji to the server too! The bot can help you to manage the server too!
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The bot can help you to react emojis to message. It can help you send emoji too! You just need to enter !!emoji
and it will send emoji!
If you have any emoji You want to add to the bot. You can recommend it to us!

Manage server

You can that the bot help you to manage your server!
Like, kick/ban people, or you want to know more about the server you can use !!serverinfo!

Need support?

If you have any problem with the bot, or you want to add emojis to the bot. You can join the support server and report your problem!