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Tired of downloading emotes and adding them manually? With Emote Manager you just need to provide a URL, and it will add the emote!

Emote Manager

  • How do I use it?

Add the bot, and type %help, and you will get all commands. If you even more help commands with the usages are below!


%add - Provide a URL with .png / .gif at the end, and if the bot has permissions it will add the emote!

%list - This command will list all the current emotes of the server!

%stats - This command will give you the total ammount of emotes the server has!

%botstats - Will give you the ammount of servers the bot is in!

%invite - Sends you a invite link for the bot!

%discord - Sends you a invite link for our discord server, if you need any help!

  • Made by satan#6060


Prefix: %
Servers: unknown
Users: unknown
Created by: satan#6060
Short link: discord.ly/emote-manager