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A fun, meme & utility discord bot made with passion. You can expect regular updates to the bot, elevating your Discord experience.

EmX is a Fun, Utility, Moderation & Memes Bot

I know that sounds like a lot but we’ve truly perfected every element of these 4 sections.
Please try _help for a list of commands.

We’ll be describing some commands from each section, the rest, you can view through _help

Meme Commands:

Command Info
Meme Templates Adds your profile picture or a text into meme images! (MUST TRY)
PFP Modifiers Modifies your profile picture to make it good/bad, you can decide :)
Meme Provides random meme from Reddit

Fun Commands:

Command Info
Hangman Play hangman with your friends :)
Define Gives definition for any of your terms.
Reddit Search & Receive any subreddit you wish.
Gif Play hangman with your friends :)
Diary Read through your diary!
BroCode Reminds you the Bro Code.

Moderation Commands:

Command Info
Ban / Kick Moderation commands for banning / kicking members.
Mute / UnMute Mutes
Warn, Warnings, DeleteWarns Part of the warning system.
Memberinfo Find out useful info of a user.
Serverinfo Find out useful info of a server.

Miscellaneous Commands:

Command Info
COVID-19 Gets worldwide / country’s stats.
Setprefix Sets the new prefix for your server.

Why EmX?

Why Not?

  • Providing Great Support at any Time!
  • Bug Report Command which will send your reports to US!
  • BEST and EASY to use Moderation System!
  • Daily Bot Updates with New Commands & Features!
  • FULL information of a specefic user and the Server your IN!
  • Fun Games like Hangman!
  • Meme Templates & Profile Modifiers perfected for your use!

So, Why Not?

This isn’t the End. We continue to Add More Commands, the Only Thing We Need now are People to Use & Enjoy our Commands.

Please Join our Discord Server for Any Questions or Command Ideas for EmX

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.


Prefix: _ (customizable)
Servers: unknown
Users: unknown
Created by: Sattish#2011
Short link: discord.ly/emx