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Prefix: rpg
Created by: lume#0001
Short link: discord.ly/epic-rpg
A simple RPG with dungeons, armors, swords, pvp, leaderboards, gambling and memes

EPIC RPG is an economy + rpg-oriented bot, with many features such as enemies, dungeons, pvp, gambling, lootbox, leaderboards, prestige and more.
The purpose of the game is to level up, get armors and swords, then beat dungeon bosses to unlock new commands and features.

There are a total of 10 dungeons: the battle mechanics are quite simple and interactive!

Type ‘rpg tutorial’ to learn how to play!

Here’s a short introduction of the most relevant commands (All commands can be seen with ‘rpg help’!)

Statistics commands

  • profile - Check your progress
  • inventory - If you got items, you can them here
  • quest - Simple quests that will provide you coins and XP

Fighting commands

  • hunt, adventure - The most basic commands to get coins and XP
  • pvp - Fight with other users to get XP
  • dungeon, miniboss - Two times a day, you can try to beat a boss/miniboss with the help of other players!

Shop commands

  • shop - Here you can see what kind of stuff you can buy
  • buy, sell - You can sell anything from your inventory and buy anything from the shop
  • heal - If you lost too much HP fighting, buy a life potion and heal yourself

Working commands

  • chop, fish, pickup*, mine* - The most basic commands to get items
  • craft - If you have enough items, you can craft swords, armors and special items!
  • recipes - Here you can see all the crafting recipes

Gambling commands

  • Bet your coins with any of the following commands: dice, cups, blackjack, slots, balloons*

There are many more commands such as daily, cook*, enchant*, time travel* and more!

/* These commands are unlocked after beating one or more dungeon bosses