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Created by: Alex.#9042
Short link: discord.ly/eric
A bot multi-function in french or English with more than 40 commands.

Eric bot it’s a french bot with an english translation.

A game is being created with a map, a solo mode, a multiplayer mode, your village and a lot of option.

More than 40 commands are available 100% free.

  • Some moderation command that other bot don’t have:
    • A verification with a reaction to protect for spam
    • Role creation with random color
    • Warn command
    • Leave channel
    • And a member count is being created
  • A leveling system with automatic role for a lot of level, the level picture with different background in function of your level, a leaderboard and a lot of level command.
  • Simple music command.

  • A lot of various command like

    • A user information to know all information and the platform of connection
    • A poll command,
    • Server information,
    • Display all server emote,
    • Base64 encode/decode,
    • Google link research,
    • And secret command …
  • A command to send a bug or suggestion on the support server.

All command are available on the support server and with the *help command