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Another multi-purpose bot, but that can actually play music ? and that focuses on it 5 aspects

Five is a multi-purpose discord bot, as its name, Five has 5 essential features ; Moderation, Music, Utility (random cool commands) and the 2 other ULTRA SECRET features are under development/testing
Five can stream and play music from many platform including Youtube and Soundcloud (Music features are actually not working for testing purpose)

What is the goal of Five ? The goal of Five is to be the only bot you will ever need on your server.

Prefix : *

Five Music Features :

connect: Connect to a voice channel.
play: Play a song.
now_playing: Indicate what song is playing.
pause: Pause the currently playing song.
resume: Resume the currently paused song.
skip: Skip the current song.
stop: Stop the player, disconnect and clear the queue.
volume: Change the player volume.
queue: Retrieve a list of currently queued songs.
shuffle: Shuffle the current queue.
repeat: Repeat the currently playing song.

Five Moderation Features :

kick: Kick a member.
ban: Ban a member in the server.
hackban: Ban a user outside the server.
unban: Unban a user.

Five Utility Features :

ping: Show the latency of the bot.
dice: Roll a dice for you.
poll: Make a poll for you right in the current channel.
say: Repeat what you say.
speak: Make the bot speak!
calc: A mini calculator that calculate almost everything.
embed_simple: Send a simple embed message.
embed: Send a full-featured rich embed.

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.

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