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FlipSuite bot, a versatile web 3.0 Discord bot with easy-to-use commands. Enhance your server with this powerful Discord bot.

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FlipSuite - Web 3.0 Discord Made Easy
FlipSuite FAQ
What is FlipSuite?

FlipSuite is the all-in-one solution that enables Web 3.0 within your Discord Server.

We offer a range of features that streamline’s the connection between Web 3.0 and your traditional server with the mindset of keeping everything as seamless as possible.

Global Wallet System

Onboarding your server members to Web 3.0 has never been easier - A single command /start generates a fully functional EVM wallet that is tied to a user’s profile and useable within any server that has FlipSuite enabled.

Send, Receive, and Withdraw

Whether it’s from our dashboard or directly in Discord, sending, receiving, and withdrawing supported cryptocurrency and NFTs is a breeze. Airdrop rewards to your server members by finding their FlipWallet with /FlipWallet-of. While FlipSuite’s crypto features are limited to the Polygon blockchain for now, we’re looking to support other chains in the future.

Level up, unlock, and grow your profile

Participating in any of FlipSuite’s modules grants exp, allowing your server members to level up, unlock achievements, rewards, and more. Server members can view their profile in Discord, or on FlipGuard’s dashboard.

Welcome to the BattleGround

Setup guide: https://wiki.flipguard.xyz/flipguard-wiki-wip/flipsuite/overview-modules-and-guides/battleground

BattleGround is the leading module within FlipSuite - a spin on Discord battle royals - letting players enter a battle to survive the brutal world of crypto until only one (or no one) is left standing. It’s a breath of fresh air for the Discord battle royal scene and a great way to bring some fun to your server.

Automated Battles

Tired of running battle royal matches manually? Set and forget BattleGround arenas with a simple command.

Automated Rewards - coming very soon

Manage BattleGround from the dashboard and automate prize distribution with granular controls.

Bounty System - coming very soon

Create and track bounties with a simple command and even automate the rewards!

Check your player status

We know it’s hard to figure out your position in large Discord battle royals so we made it easy to check if you’ve been eliminated! It’s one command away.


Server members can quickly find where they stack up across all servers with FlipSuite enabled.

Custom phrases - coming very soon

Unlock phrase blocks to create entirely custom messages for your arena. Create a theme that fits your community!

Useful Commands


/start will provide a short guide to quickly teach server members how to use FlipSuite


/battleground-arena host to host an arena and select between options.
/battleground-arena start to start an arena manually
/battleground-perms roles add to add members/roles that can create arenas.

/battleground-leaderboard for leaderboards.

/my-battleground-status can be typed in an arena’s channel by server members to see what actions they’ve taken during a current battle.

Many other commands are available within FlipSuite, so feel free to browse, or join our Discord server if you have any questions.

Helpful Links

Learn more about FlipGuard and our products: https://wiki.flipguard.xyz
Join our Discord to meet our community and get support: https://discord.gg/flipguard
Sign into our dashboard and invite FlipSuite to your server: https://dashboard.flipguard.xyz/flipbot/dashboard

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add FlipSuite Discord Bot to my server?

You can add FlipSuite to your Discord Server by pressing 'Add FlipSuite Discord Bot' on this page.

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