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Full Quixly Bot guide, with invite link to add to your server, along with Multipurpose commands and any Discord bot upvote rewards.

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Quixly Discord Bot Described:

Enhance Your Discord Server with the Ultimate Bot - Introducing Flitsert

Welcome to Flitsert, the ultimate Discord bot with an extensive suite of features to take your server experience to the next level. With Flitsert, you can expect to find all the tools you need to keep your community running smoothly and engaged.

Flitsert has a diverse range of features across various categories:

Admin - Customize your server with Flitsert’s admin tools. With features like Autorole, counter, embed, flagtranslation, farewell, welcome, maxwarn, modlog, addrr, removerr, setprefix, Logging and config, Flitsert offers a comprehensive suite of tools to help you manage and customize your server.

Automod - Keep your server safe and secure with the powerful automod tools. You can use the anti, autodelete, and automod functionalities to manage and moderate your server.

Economy - Bring the economy to your server with Flitsert’s economic tools. With features like bank, beg, daily, gamble, birthdate, and profile, you can create a Fun and engaging economy for your community.

Fun - Keep your community entertained with Flitsert’s fun features. With features like animal, facts, flip, Meme, snake, together, hangman, love, and react, your community will always have something to do.

Giveaway - Engage your community with Flitsert’s powerful giveaway tool.

Image - Spice up your server with Flitsert’s image tools. With features like blur, brighten, burn, darken, distort, greyscale, invert, pixelate, sepia, sharpen, threshold, ad, affect, beautiful, bobross, challenger, confusedstonk, delete, dexter, facepalm, hitler, jail, jokeoverhead, karaba, kyon-gun, mms, notstonk, poutine, rip, shit, stonk, tattoo, thomas, trash, wanted, worthless, approved, brazzers, gay, halloween, rejected, thuglife, to-be-continued, and wasted, your server will have access to a wide range of image editing tools.

Information - Keep your community informed with Flitsert’s information tools. With features like leaderboard, avatar, botinvite, botstats, channelinfo, emojiinfo, guildinfo, uptime, userinfo, botvote, and ping, you can provide your community with up-to-date information on their Discord activities.

Invite - Manage invites and inviter ranks with Flitsert’s invite tools. With features like addinvites, invitecodes, inviter, inviterank, inviteranks, invites, invitesimport, invitetracker, and resetinvites, you can monitor and manage your server’s invite system.

Moderation - Keep your server under control with Flitsert’s powerful moderation tools. With features like ban, kick, deafen, disconnect, move, purge, undeafen, vmute, vunmute, purgeuser, purgetoken, purgelinks, purgebots, purgeattach, nick, softban, timeout, unban, untimeout, warn, and warnings, Flitsert provides a wide range of tools to help you manage and moderate your server.

Social - Encourage community building with Flitsert’s social features. With features like rep, your community can recognize and reward members for their contributions.

Stats - Monitor and track your server’s activity with Flitsert’s stats tools. With features like rank, stats, statstracking, and levelup, you can keep your community informed on their progress.

Suggestion - Encourage feedback and suggestions with Flitsert’s suggestion tools. With features like suggest and suggestion, your community can provide valuable feedback and input

Ticket - Allow members to submit and track support tickets with Flitsert’s ticket tools. With features like ticket and ticketcat, you can create categories and channels dedicated to handling support requests and providing assistance to your community.

Utility - Flitsert also offers a wide range of utility tools to get some useful information and enhance your server’s functionality. With features like bigemoji, covid, github, help, paste, pokedex, proxies, translate, urban, weather, afk, epicgames, npm, qrcode, staff, and permissions, you can simplify complex tasks and improve your server’s overall efficiency. Whether you’re looking to create custom QR codes, check the weather, or browse a comprehensive database of proxies, Flitsert has got you covered.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add Quixly Discord Bot to my server?

You can add Quixly to your Discord Server by pressing 'Add Quixly Discord Bot' on this page.

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