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Invite Friskytool Bot to your server and use its Multifeature commands to give away rewards and promote your server. Get Friskytool Discord Bot now!

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Friskytool Discord Bot Described:

Multifeature giveaway bot with simple easy to use interface
  • Giveaways
  • Music (Currently disabled, enabling again soon)
  • Utility
  • Moderation
Command Category Description Syntax Examples
+gstart Giveaways Starts a giveaway +gstart {time} {winners} {level requirement} {prize} +gstart 1m 1w Donator Nitro: Starts a giveaway for 1 minute with one winner. The minimum rank is Donator and the prize is Nitro<br><br>+gstart 1h 3w l3[amari] Level Up: Starts a giveaway for 1 hour with 3 winners. The minimum level is an amari level of 3 and the prize is a level up
+gend Giveaways Ends an ongoing giveaway +gend [message id] +gend: Ends a currently running giveaway<br><br>+gend 718571939312042024: Ends the giveaway given in message id 718571939312042024
+greroll Giveaways Rerolls an already completed giveaway, only picking users who were valid at giveaway end +greroll [message id] +greroll: Rerolls a recently finished giveaway<br><br>+greroll 718571939312042024: Rerolls the giveaway given in message id 718571939312042024
+glist Giveaways Shows all currently running giveaways in the server +glist +glist: Shows all currently running giveaways in the server
+dump Moderation Dumps the users with a role +dump {role} +dump Moderator: Dumps all users with the moderator rank<br><br>+dump Developer: Dumps all users with the developer rank
+lock Moderation Locks a channel +lock +lock: Locks the current channel
+unlock Moderation Unlocks a channel +unlock +unlock: Unlocks the current channel
Command Info
  • You can use “|” or “,” to separate the different sections of your arguments. If you do not use these we’ll simply split it up by spaces
Upcoming Features
  • A web interface is currently in development, expect news on it to be posted in our support server
  • We will be redesigning the requirement sections to support many different types of requirements in the future this is just the soft release
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add Friskytool Discord Bot to my server?

You can add Friskytool to your Discord Server by pressing 'Add Friskytool Discord Bot' on this page.

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