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Created by: Dark42ed#4572
Short link: discord.ly/frog
An easy verification bot, very simple to set up and use.


An easy, simple verification bot.

This bot is still in progress so some features may be lacking, and more will come in the future. Current Features:

Captcha verification

  • Custom verification levels
  • Easy to set up
  • Very simple
  • More to come!
    How to use:
  1. Invite the bot and make sure it has the needed permissions (Read messages, Send messages, and Manage Roles)
  2. Once the bot is invited, go in a channel it can read/send in and run ‘fm.setup’
  3. From there, name (Don’t mention!) the role you want members to get once they verify, and the verification level (1 = Easy… 5 = Hard)
  4. All done! You can check the current level using ‘fm.level’, change settings using ‘fm.reconfig’, and verify using ‘fm.verify’

If you have any suggestions or bugs, please join the support server and create a ticket there.