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Prefix: $$
Created by: Sxm#6666
Short link: discord.ly/funyo
A minigame based bot with games never seen before!
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Funyo is a bot based on Minigames which is planning to include economy one day.

Rock, Paper, Scissors
Blacklist Channels
Ongoing Economy

More are planned soon.
To get help: $$help

Other Commands:
connect4: start a connect4 game<
drop: drop a checker in connect4
howto: how to play a game?
balance: your balance
work: make some cash!
blacklist: blacklist a channel from being used?
removeblacklist: remove a channel from blacklist
support: join the support server
invite: invite the bot to another server
suggest: suggest a feaute,command or game<
report: report a bug

Games planned to come soon: Rock Paper Scissors, Uno, Draw Something, Hangman… and more!