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A multipurpose bot that you can use for everything

GalaxyBot, a MultiPurpose bot for everything you will ever need
Music Systen (Listen to High Quality Music Provided By A LavaLink Server)
Moderation ( Kick / Ban / Mute people, Get the naughty ones out! )
AFK ( When others ping you, with Galaxybot in your discord server. It will tell you that your not at your pc )
Covid ( View A Simplified Version To See How many covid cases there are per day in a specific country )
Levelling System ( To Keep Your Members active! You can also do Levelling prizes )
99.99% Uptime ( Sometimes goes down for updates )
More Features Inside! ( Invite the bot and run g.help )
Prefix can be set ( g.prefix set <prefix> )

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.