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Add fun multiplayer games like Cards Against Humanity, Connect 4, and Anagrams to Discord with Gamebot!

Gamebot for Discord

Add fun multiplayer games to Discord with Gamebot! You can invite the bot to your server using this link.

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Main Features
  • In-depth multiplayer games that can be played for fun or for server events
  • Economy system with tons of unlockable in-game content
  • Frequent updates and a large userbase
  • Easy-to-use commands
  • No setup or configuration required to start playing
  • Helpful and responsive support server
Contributing and Documentation

The documentation for game development is available at

Current Game List
1. Cards Against Humanity
A party game for horrible people.

Each round, a black card is selected, and everyone else answers with their funniest white card. Your white cards will be DMed to you, and you will select one. One player is selected to be the Card Czar each round, and they give a point to the player with the funniest white card.

2. Anagrams
Unscramble words in a frenzy against your friends.

Everyone is given a set of letters, and score points by making words. Whoever makes the most words in 60 seconds is the winner! Longer words get more points, and duplicates aren’t allowed.

3. Connect 4
Classic Connect 4, but with a whole lot more.

Players take turns dropping one colored disc into a game board, which falls to the bottom. Whoever gets four in a row diagonally, horizontally, or vertically, wins! Try playing with more than 2 people, or playing the Connect 3 or Connect 5 variants.

Note: More games are in development!


&play <game> - Starts a new game!

&end - Ends the current game (game leader only).

&gamelist - Get the list of currently available games.

&info <game> - Get the information and rules for a game.

&invite - Invite the bot to your server!

&ping - Pings the server.

Economy Commands

&balance - Get your current balance.

&daily - Claim today’s credits for voting on the bot.

&donate - Get credits and rewards for donating to Gamebot!

&inventory <item type> - Display the items that you have purchased.

&item <buy/info> <item id> - Buys or displays info for a specific item.

&shop <game (optional)> - Shows the available shop items for a game.

In-game Commands

&kick <@user> - Kick a user from the game (game leader only).

&add <@user>- Add a user to the game (game leader only).

&join - Join the game. Only available at the start of each game.

&leave - Leave the game you are playing in that channel.

Support Server

Note: Please don’t file an issue if you have a question about the bot. You will get much faster support by using the resources below.

Join the Discord Support Server here.

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add Gamebot Discord Bot to my server?

You can add Gamebot to your Discord Server by pressing 'Add Gamebot Discord Bot' on this page.

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