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Invite Gerald Bot to your server and get ready to jam with music, jokes, memes and more! Discover the nursing home commands of Gerald Discord Bot.

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Gerald Discord Bot Described:

Is your server feeling dry? Jam out with Gerald in the nursing home; with music, jokes, memes and much more!

Mobile users may have issues adding the bot, use this link below:

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Gerald is a bot focused on entertainment and fun. He provides modern day memes, dark humour, dad jokes, even polls for your users to interact with your thriving community. His life experience brings along for when things die down and you’re feeling anti-social, just ask Gerald for a topic to talk about!



ASCII - Send some ascii text
bigmoji - Enlargens an emoji
Bon - Sends a fake ban message
dadjoke - Tells you dad jokes
darkjoke - Dark humour, not for the sensitive
meme - Finds a good meme for you
topic - Gives a topic for everyone to chat about!
Tweet - Fake tweet some text…
Wall - Sends a Gif of someone talking to a wall

avatar - Returns yours or the mentioned users avatar
botinfo - Find detailed information about the Bot
invte - Sends the Bot and Support server invite links
ping - Ping of the bot
role - List all the users in a current role
serverinfo - Very detailed information about the current server
userinfo - Find detailed information about a user
year - Tells you how many days/hours/minutes/seconds until the next year

addEmoji - Steal an emoji from another server and adds it to your own
poll - Create a poll for users to react to with a question
prefix - Don’t like Gerald’s default prefix? Then bloody change it, if some other bot is taking all the space and using ours, just do @Gerald prefix <new prefix> Simple ain’t it?
slowmode - Set a slowmode in a channel to get the super slick slowwwwww feel


Rating Machine
stank - tells you how stinky someone is

  • many more

help - Shows the help menu
snipe - Gets the most recently deleted message in the channel within the past minute

There’s probably a few more… come find out!

Gerald is constantly receiving updates, bug fixes and new features, if you have any suggestions or need support join the support server:

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add Gerald Discord Bot to my server?

You can add Gerald to your Discord Server by pressing 'Add Gerald Discord Bot' on this page.

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Servers: 3.2K
Users: 345.7K
Created by: biscot#0001