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Servers: 105
Users: unknown
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Prefix: g.
Created by: Medusa#0001
Short link: discord.ly/ghigeon
Ghigeon - The Ghost Pigeon Pet and Economy bot for your server.
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Ghigeon is an Economy and Pet bot

Welcome this bot into your server for the ultimate ghost pet experience

Ghigeon, the ghost pigeon pet bot.
Inspired by the character of BBC Ghosts
Ghigeon will happily fly around your server whilst you take care of him and show him love


Help commands:
g.help - Brings up all the commands
g.help economy - Brings up all the economy commands

A small list of command

  • g.fly - Ghigeon will bring back what he finds from flying
  • g.scount - Ghigeon will scout of money
  • g.pet
  • g.kiss
  • g.feed

and more

For help and support join the Ghigeon support server

g.server - to join the support server to see updates and ask questions