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Prefix: g!
Created by: Akure#9221
A simple GiveawayBot developed in discord.js, a lightweight and easy to use Bot Discord, written in JavaScript!

Prefix The default prefix for this bot is g!.


g!giveaway [channel name] [Time] [Winners] [Prize] Example: g!giveaway #channel-name 1d 1 Test g!reroll [messageID] Example: g!reroll 123456789101112 g!end [messageID] Example: g!end 123456789101112 g!help Features Easy to use. Shows the Name of Person who hosted the Giveaway. Member's with Giveaways role has permissions to use the bot. Advanced Help Command. Note If you encountered in any problem please let me know and Join the Support server and ask me there.

How the Bot Works? The Bot Uses powerfull discord.js module to quickly hold Giveaways in your server with the easy to use Behaviour. The Bot is Hosted 24/7 to Facilitate your members.

If the bot goes offline for any reason and goes back online, your draw will continue to work.