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Invite givenchy bot to your server and enjoy its Anti Nuke, Anti Wizz and Anti Raid commands. Get the full guide to add givenchy Discord Bot.

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givenchy Discord Bot Described:

givenchy is a Anti Nuke / Anti Wizz / Anti Raid discord bot.

givenchy - a Discord Anti-Nuke Bot

Givenchy prevents untrusted staff from nuking/wizzing/destroying your server. The Anti-Nuke works with a whitelist system, if a member is whitelisted, using the whitelist command, the bot will ignore their moderation actions. But, if a member invites a bot, deletes or creates a role or channel or if they ban/kick a member or even if they give a role Administrator/ban/kick permissions and they aren’t whitelisted, givenchy will automatically remove that member from the server.

Setup: Please ensure that givenchy has administrator permissions and that its role is the highest on the role list.

Whitelist Commands
$whitelist, $blacklist, $whitelisted

Moderation Commands
$kick, $ban, $banned, $unban, $massunban, $mute, $unmute, $muted, $purge, $esnipe, $snipe

Role Commands
$role, $role create, $role delete, $role name, $role color, $role members, $roles

Banned Words Commands
$wordban, $wordunban, $bannedwords

Trigger Commands
$trigger, $trigger add, $trigger edit, $trigger list

Set commands
$set, $set modlog, $set msglog, $set channels

Welcome Commands
$welcome, $welcome set, $welcome toggle, $welcome title, $welcome description, $welcome color, $welcome image, $welcome thumbnail, $welcome footer, $welcome footericon, $welcome test, $welcome channel

Emote Commands
$emote, $emote steal, $emote delete, $emote list, $emote enlarge

Prefix Commands
$prefix, $setprefix, $deleteprefix

Action Commands
$kiss, $kisses, $hug, $hugs, $slap, $slaps

Miscellaneous Commands
$whois, $serverinfo, $membercount, $afk, $av, $status, $spotify, $lookup, $credits, $ping, $uptime, $invite, $vote

Owner Commands
$botblacklist, $botwhitelist, $botblacklisted, $reboot, $load, $unload, $reloadall, $stats, $guilds, $say, $reverse

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add givenchy Discord Bot to my server?

You can add givenchy to your Discord Server by pressing 'Add givenchy Discord Bot' on this page.

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