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Created by: Goseale#6992
A multi purpose bot that can do anything and even has a way of contacting the developer for any suggestions or bug reports

A brief look at the commands of the bot becouse im constantly updating the bot and improving it

if you are lost in what each command does and how it is used, simply run (prefix)help (command) to know more about that command

Moderation commands Mute - Mutes a member and prevents it from talking Kick - Kicks a member off the server Purge - Delete a huge number of messages at once Purge_user - Bulk delete messages from a user in a channel Purge_string - Bulk delete a huge number of messages containing a string copy_messages - Copy messages from a textchannel to another bulk_move - Moves all users in a voicechannel to another roleinfo - Shows relevant information about a role userinfo - Shows information about a user

Utility commands Timer - Sets a timer and when its time it will ping you Math - Insted of grabing a calculator ask your problems to the bot, it can handle complex math as long as its well written Random - Feel a little random? well this is the command for you create_embed - Helps create your a embed to your desire with step by step guide, just run the command and follow the instructions webscreenshot - Wanna know what a website looks before going? use this command to know

Music commands Warning music commands are a bit diferent thant the rest They work by (prefix)music (command) (parameters if needed) Example: [music play viva la vida or [music volume 50

Music join - Makes the bot join the voice channel that you are on ......leave - Makes the bot leave the channel ......play - Can search text or play music from a link, support many services ......stop - Stops the playback and deletes the queue ......pause - Pauses the playback ......resume - Resumes playing ......now_playing - Shows information about what is playing ......queue - Shows what songs are going to play after the current one finishes playing

Information commands Google_trends - Shows whats the trending search on 12 countries Minecraft_server - Returns information about a specific minecraft server Search - Search on google whatever you feel like

Fun commands Meme - Want to see a fresh meme? run this command Joke - Are you feeling bored and wanna laugh, for sure run this command 8ball - Wanna know what the future has prepare for you? ask the 8 ball that Cat - Awwww some adorable cats! Dog - Super cute dogs