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Advanced giveaways (sending prizes in the DMs, attaching images, rerolls), quotes, team selections, polls, role joining, dice rolling and much more! Works also in Polish

? Hello Friend! ?

Nice to see you here!
Take a few moments and check out this little bad boy! I hope you’ll like it!

Hector is a functional and multipurpose Discord bot, created with intuitiveness in mind. It has a bunch of really useful functions such as:

?️ Role joining

  • Users of your server can give themselves roles from the pre-determined list)
  • Keeps things clean by deleting messages with these requests after the set time

? Advanced giveaways

  • Rerolling
  • Sending prizes automatically in the DMs
  • Attaching graphics

? Team selections

  • The bot picks users and assigns them randomly into different teams
  • Users can be picked from a voice channel or reactions

? Super-cool polls

  • With auto-generated charts!

? Quotes

  • Everyone can propose a quote, but in order to be displayed in the list it has to be approved by moderators of your server which prevents a mess in the list of quotes

? RPG dice roller

  • Accepts both a number of sides and more advanced RPG notation (e.g. 2d20+5)

?️ Weather checking
and much more!

Check the full command list by entering !help or !cmds
If you have any questions, suggestions, found a bug/glitch or just want to talk, feel free to join our support server

Note: Hector works also in polish. To change bot’s language use !settings language

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.


Prefix: ! (customizable)
Servers: unknown
Users: unknown
Created by: michkied#6677
Short link: discord.ly/hector