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Add Hideaki Bot to your server and use its powerful commands to prevent users from tagging a person, punish users and more. Discord Bot.

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Hideaki Discord Bot Described:

Wanted To prevent users from tagging a person? Well This bot will do the job for you. It can also punish users and Much more features.

Main Features

DNT SYSTEM- It is a really powerful and customisable system for Vips like youtubers who might get frequently mentioned for no reason. The bot would warn any user if they mention them if they are non trusted user.

STARBOARD- Its like hall of special and most loved messages. If a message reaches and x amount of reaction with a specific emoji, the bot logs it into the special starboard channel

VOICE ROLES- So wanted to hide you music command channel? Well this syetem is for you. In here you can set it so that if the user joins a voice channel they get a role on joining and the role will be auto removed when they leave the voice channel

Moderations- There are plenty of Moderation features. One of the special one is Voice mute. Some of the common Commands are, BAN,SOFTBAN,KICK,MUTE and much more.

Info- This bot have a really detailed info about roles and for specific users

Utility- It has a really good utilites commands like Clone,Slowmode,Giveaway,Poll

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add Hideaki Discord Bot to my server?

You can add Hideaki to your Discord Server by pressing 'Add Hideaki Discord Bot' on this page.

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