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Get HomeworkHelper Bot to your Discord server and use its commands to help with your homework. Invite HomeworkHelper Discord Bot today!

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HomeworkHelper Discord Bot Described:

HomeworkHelper is a bot that helps you with your homework!

Homework helper is a discord bot that helps you with your homework!

It’s the perfect bot for school!


help – Basic help command!

algebra – Evaluate an algebraic expression! Usage: $algebra < Expression> = < Another expression>, < Variables defined in expression>

antonym – Get a list of antonyms for the given word! Usage: $antonym < Word>

cbrt – Get the cube root of a given number! Usage: $cbrt < Number>

define – Define a given word! Usage: $define < Word>

eval – Evaluate a mathematical expression! Usage: $eval < Expression>

search – Search google! Usage: $search < Search Query>

spell – Spell a given misspelled word! Usage: $spell < Word>

sqrt – Get the square root of a given number! Usage: $sqrt < Number>

synonym – Get synonyms of a given word! Usage: $synonym < Word>

rand – Get a random number between two numbers! Usage: $rand <Number 1> <Number 2>

sentence – Get 10 sentences that include the given word/phrase! Usage: $sentence <Word/Phrase>

ping – Get the bots current ping!

invite – Invite the bot to your server!

vote – Vote for the bot on top.gg!

uptime – Get the bots current uptime!

prefix – Get or change the bots current prefix! Usage: $prefix [New Prefix]

[] = Optional
<> = Required

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add HomeworkHelper Discord Bot to my server?

You can add HomeworkHelper to your Discord Server by pressing 'Add HomeworkHelper Discord Bot' on this page.

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Created by: deebah#7777