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Moderation, Logging, Fun, NSFW, Music, Currency, EXP/Profile system, Anime commands. (More underway)

This is a multi purpose discord bot.
It does everything from staff commands to image manipulation. There is a rank system build in for global top and for a server top. There is a small currency system right now that will get largly expanded soon. You can also log different things in any desired channel. You can have a custom prefix. There are NSFW command for the people that would like it. There are a few anime commands from AniList, so you can check another users AniList account or search op an anime. There also is a global reputation system that you can flex on your profile ;p. This bot is still being worked at. So many features will get added soon. Things like giveaway, Strike (warning) system, reaction roles, raid protection, word filters, ticket system and we are also working on the site and a user/admin panel. Music system currently is in beta and only accessible in our main server, but will be out soon! All of this is coded by us and we would appreciate if people could report any bugs to us, so we can fix them as soon as possible!

Bot made by: Iwo, Vlams and Bleppie

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