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A roleplay tool with unlimited managing and posting of characters using custom embeds, post styles, TTRPG dice, a RP server finder and more!

Transform your roleplay with InCharacter!

InCharacter is a Discord RP Bot and RP network for character creation, sending character messages, sharing and more! The Discord bot takes your text chat input and transforms it into beautiful rich embed messages using your own custom commands called “Calls” for each character you want to role-play as. You can create unlimited characters and they’re usable on any server with InCharacter so there’s no need to setup again for each server! Additional features are available like a complex dice roll command for TTRPG, custom styles that allow you to change your character’s avatar and embedded image on the fly for use as emotes or actions, and regular updates add new universe building features to allow you to better play out your characters’ stories like scenes. Earn EXP as you use InCharacter and see where you rank across thousands of role-players and their muses to show off clout and even earn free Premium!

Use c/tutorial for a quick guided start!

What about non-RP? Webcomic creators, artists, and others have used InCharacter to post as themselves or as their muses to innovate how they engage with their communities. Within seconds, you can be set up to make news announcements as your art adventure’s main character, and more! If you simply wanted a no-hasstle rich embed posting utility with lots of customization and even fast editing, InCharacter is for you.

View an author’s info with the c/who @user command!

Are there TTRPG features? More for than just role-playing, InCharacter has found success in TTRPG servers with its complex dice rolling which allows you to roll any combination of dice up to 9 rolls, each rolling up to 100 dice and up to 9999 sides simply by typing “c/roll 1d20 2d6 3d7 4d5” etc. Want to dice roll in-character? Calls support a single set, so you can type “c/YourCall 2d6 Your message here!” to roll dice as a character!

Edit old embeds with c/edit MessageID New message here!

What does Premium get? Premium features make posting in-character on Discord even easier. As a premium user, you can use “Autocall” by typing “c/auto YourCallHere” to automatically make every non-command message you send transform to that Call’s post and style. Premium users can also create “Scenes” to earn extra EXP while making quick embed cards to display to share details for various locations in your role-play universe, manage character adoptions using the adopts system, and even list their Discord community on InCharacter’s community finder! Get 6 hours of Premium just for upvoting, or subscribe for unlimited Premium time!

Use c/help for information!

Q: Can others use my characters and scenes?

A: Only if you allow it! By default, only you can use your characters and scenes, but there are individual options for each to permit certain Disord IDs to use these, or to set them as “global” and allow anyone with InCharacter to use them!

Q: Who can edit Author profiles, characters, styles, and scenes?

A: Only the original Author. Even if you have a shared character, only the original author can edit what that author has made. The only exception is that InCharacter staff may remove content in violation of the terms.

Q: What’s the invite for the support server?

A: discord.gg/BMnZvRX

Q: How can I support your work and get Premium?

A: Thank you so much! Upvoting InCharacter gives +6 hours of Premium credit. Unlimited Premium is available through donating on Patreon (patreon.com/InCharacter), donating using Donatebot.io, or by Nitro Boosting the support server.

More features are always in development!

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.