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Discord bot for Destiny 2 reset updates and clan leaderboards with LFG functionality
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The bot’s prefix defaults to ? and {bot mention}. You can change it with setprefix command. Use help command to get current command list.

Here’s the list of available commands

  • top: Print top players for one of the available metrics.
  • help: Print this message
  • update: Get updates from Bungie for the given TYPE
  • setlang: Set server language
  • lfg: Create an LFG message
  • rmnotifier: Deregister notifier channel
  • edit_lfg: Edit LFG message
  • lfglist: Print your LFG list
  • setclan: Set Destiny 2 clan for the server.
  • regnotifier: Register notifier channel
  • setprefix: Set available prefixes
  • prefix: Print available prefixes
  • lfgcleanup: Delete groups that are unavailable or inactive


  • Gets updates from Bungie’s API, such as weekly/daily reset info, Spider materials costs, Xur’s location and inventory (requires setting up a notifier channel)
  • Organizes LFGs
  • Makes clan leaderboards for every emblem metric available in Destiny 2 (requires setting up clan for server)
  • Supports multiple languages (same as Destiny 2, but some lines might be untranslated). You can help with the translations by going to the POEditor and joining the project
Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.