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Created by: HAPPYV0DKA#4978
Short link: discord.ly/indeedstor
Discord bot for Destiny 2 reset updates and clan leaderboards with LFG functionality

The bot’s prefix defaults to ? and {bot mention}. You can change it with setprefix command. Use help command to get current command list.

Here’s the list of available commands

  • top: Print top players for one of the available metrics.
  • help: Print this message
  • update: Get updates from Bungie for the given TYPE
  • setlang: Set server language
  • lfg: Create an LFG message
  • rmnotifier: Deregister notifier channel
  • edit_lfg: Edit LFG message
  • lfglist: Print your LFG list
  • setclan: Set Destiny 2 clan for the server.
  • regnotifier: Register notifier channel
  • setprefix: Set available prefixes
  • prefix: Print available prefixes
  • lfgcleanup: Delete groups that are unavailable or inactive


  • Gets updates from Bungie’s API, such as weekly/daily reset info, Spider materials costs, Xur’s location and inventory (requires setting up a notifier channel)
  • Organizes LFGs
  • Makes clan leaderboards for every emblem metric available in Destiny 2 (requires setting up clan for server)
  • Supports multiple languages (same as Destiny 2, but some lines might be untranslated). You can help with the translations by going to the POEditor and joining the project