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Interstellar is the most advanced and feature-rich space discord bot on Discord.

If you’re looking for Images, they’re at the bottom. :)
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Interstellar is designed to be the most feature rich and advanced space discord bot available. Whatever kind of server you run, if it’s focused on Rockets, Aerospace Engineering, Astronomy, Kerbal Space Program, or whatever else, Interstellar will have your back! It’s wide feature set makes it the best selection of discord bot for any server. It’s constantly being improved by its developers and being given new features and life, and is completely customisable to how you like it.


While Interstellar is completely free to use, it is far from free to maintain. I have to pay for server costs, both for the website and actual bot, along with maintain it and add new features. This can get quite expensive, so it would be appreciated if you were to leave a donation at my Buy Me a Coffee. It would seriously help me a lot. <3

So what’s so special about it? What can it do?

  • Inform you about the latest launches
    • Interstellar can send notices to your server when a rocket is going to launch, meaning you’ll never miss another launch again!
    • Interstellar can ping a role you set when it posts a reminder, ensuring you get notified.
    • Up to 24 hours of notice before a launch.
    • Command backup. Get a total list of upcoming launches, and view details about each one.
  • Give you the Astronomy Picture of The Day
    • Interstellar can automatically post the Astronomy Picutre of The Day, a service provided by NASA, every single day when it first updates.
    • Like Launch Reminders, you can make it ping a role so you get notified once it gets posted.
    • Command backup.
  • Completely customise it to your server
    • Change the Prefix, Theme Color, Ping Response, and more.
    • Extensive settings provided in the Dashboard, meaning Interstellar can do whatever you want it to!
  • Perform calculations and plan missions
    • Perform orbital mechanics calculations using is!calculation. Figure out your vechicle’s Delta-V, the properties of an orbit, etc.
    • Find out the Delta-V needed to go anywhere. This can be for both the real life solar system, or the Kerbal Space Program solar system (Kerbol).
  • Find out cool information about Space
    • See all the astronauts in Space currently.
    • Find out cool information about the planets in our Solar System.
    • Learn about NASA’s EPIC Camera and Hubble Space Telescope.
    • Learn how to perform calculations relating to Orbital Maths.
    • Find out about the amount of asteroids that are near earth.
    • See if you can spot the ISS in real life after finding its current location.
    • Get the weather forecast… from Mars with NASA’s Insight Lander.
  • View cool and facinating images
    • View cool images of our solar system’s planets.
    • View the Astronomy Picture of The Day, a service from NASA.
    • View epic images of the Earth taken by NASA’s EPIC Camera (or Earth Polychromatic Imaging Camera if you’re boring).
    • Gaze into the stars with images from the Hubble Space Telescope.
    • View any image from NASA’s extensive archive.
    • See out from the eyes of the Mars Rovers currently exploring Mars’s dusty surface.

How do I use it?

Invite Interstellar to your discord. Yep, that’s all it takes to get it setup.
Interstellar’s prefix by default is is!. You can get a full list of commands and their arguments by running is!help. A full command list can be found here.
If you wish to change any of Interstellar’s settings (e.g the prefix, enabling the Astronomy Picture of The Day/Launch Reminders), you can go to Interstellar’s Dashboard found on it’s website and login. Go to the dashboard, select your server, and begin editing the settings. Once you save, Interstellar will remember them and you’ll be good to go!

Where can I suggest features or report bugs?

Just shout out your ideas in Interstellar’s Support Discord and I’ll happily listen. Alternatively, you can use Interstellar’s Gitlab Issues Page.
Interstellar’s Gitlab Page is where you can keep track of what I’m adding, when I’m adding it, and how far along I am in adding it. You can easily make an issue there to suggest a feature or report a bug.

I’m more of a visual learner. Any pictures?

Absolutely! Here you go!
Interstellar's Launch Reminders
Interstellar's APOD Posts
Viewing a picture taken by the Opportunity Rover
Viewing a picture of the Blue Marble via the EPIC camera
Viewing information about Saturn
Viewing an image from NASA's Image Library
Some information about the Hubble Space Telescope
Viewing the Delta-V to get somewhere

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Prefix: is! [Changable]
Servers: 651
Users: unknown
Created by: Livaco#0420
Short link: discord.ly/interstellar