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Full jakethejoker Bot guide, with invite link to add to your server, along with Fun commands and any Discord bot upvote rewards.

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jakethejoker Discord Bot Described:

Jake the joker bot! With many games and reddit browsing commands! Its basically my way to learn discord.js. I hope you like it!

Jake is still in early development and a lot is planned for the future. Jakethejoker is an entertainment bot filled with fun and helpful commands. It can snipe deleted messages, purge messages, search across all of reddit (NSFW content not allowed) and give you the best Dad jokes!

Jake has over 20 commands. The list of which you can find here:

  • joke
    Sends a random dad joke.
  • meme</td>
    Gives you a random meme.
  • ap
    Turns on anti ping for you!
  • reddit
    Search across subreddits!
    !reddit {subreddit}
  • pfp
    Shows your profile picture
    !pfp @member
  • yesorno
    Answers to all of your stupid questions!
    !yesorno {question}
  • purge
    Purges messages (if you want to disable this you can add a role “purger no purging” to disable it)
    !purge {amount}
  • snipe
    Snipes deleted messages
    !snipe #channel
  • trivia
    A small trivia game.
  • wap
    Your profile picture on top of a Wet Ass Pigeon.
    !wap @user
  • banana
    An image of you on top of a banana.
    !banana @user
  • waprate
    A random percentage number on wap.
    !waprate @user
  • eggrate
    A random percentage number on egg.
    !eggrate @user
  • idiotrate
    Gives a random percentage number on how big of an idiot you are.
    !idiotrate @user
  • weebrate
    A random percentage number on how big of a weeb you are.
    !weebrate @user
  • angryrate
    Shows how angry you are.
    !angryrate @user
  • jkprefix
    Change Jakes prefix.
    !jkprefix {prefix}
  • jknews</td>
    News about Jake.
  • hotrate
    Shows how hot you are.
    !hotrate @user
  • coronacheck
    Shows if you have coronavirus :O
  • edgyrate
    Are you E D G Y?
    !edgyrate @user
  • happyrate
    Shows how happy you are :D
    !happyrate @user
  • bald
    You are now bald.
    !bald @user

Hope you like them!
(You can always use !jkhelp to find them)

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add jakethejoker Discord Bot to my server?

You can add jakethejoker to your Discord Server by pressing 'Add jakethejoker Discord Bot' on this page.

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