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Invite Another Bot to your server and enjoy its fun commands! Discover Another Bot's features and become the ultimate Discord Bot.

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Just Another Discord Bot Described:

A fun, useful, and cool Discord Bot perfect for servers intended for fun!

This is a fun but also useful Discord bot. It has quite the number of commands which will be listed below! If you want to join the developer team as a Coder, Graphic Designer, Bot Tester, or Advertiser join our server and apply for the position! If you want to test the bot you can also join the server and test it out there before adding it to your awesome server! Below are some links of our server, website, and my Discord username.
Make sure to check out the website because we have an exclusive mini game you can play in your browser!
Our Official Server: https://discord.gg/JSeXc27HAR
Our Official Website: https://sites.google.com/view/just-another-bot/home
The Bots prefix is -!, a line - and an exclamation mark !
Help Commands:
-!fun - list of fun commands
-!mod - list of moderator commands
-!randoms - list of random commands
-!useful - list of useful commands
-!minigames - list of mini games
-!help - list of help commands
All Commands:
-!hangman (play hangman! A more advanced and cooler guess the word!)
-!tictactoe (@ a user to play tictactoe with them! -!xo also works fine)
-!translate (use !translate <language> <word/sentence>)
-!tts (type -!tts <language> <what it should talk> to make it speak something)
-!user (!user <@ a user> to see when their account was created, join date, and all that info)
-!poll (<option1> <option2> <seconds>, creates a poll)
-!def (also can be used as !dict, use !def <word> and it will be defined)
-!edit (use this command to see some cool Discord glitches!)
-!numgame (play guess the number with Just Another Bot!)
-!roulette -!roulette (type !roulette and @ a useror yourself to play the roulette game)
-!amongus (Not ready yet, under development)
-!embed (-!embed <color> <title> <text>)
-!color (generates a random color)
-!space (<text> puts a space after every letter)
-!number(generates a random number in between 1 - 101)
-!hack (!hack <mention-user> to hack someone! It’s fake ofc)
-!magic8ball (type !magic8ball and then a question and you will get an answer)
-!nitro (gives you free Discord Nitro!)
-!murder (use !murder and @ a user to murder them!)
-!joke (tells a random joke)
-!reactcheck (just a random command lol)
-!kick (<@ a user> <reason> requires kick members perms)
-!ban (<@ a user> <reason> requires Admin perms)
-!unban (<user name and # code to unban them>)
-!emojify (transform any text to emoji)
-!poll (<option1> <option2> <seconds>)

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add Just Another Discord Bot to my server?

You can add Just Another to your Discord Server by pressing 'Add Just Another Discord Bot' on this page.

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Prefix: -!
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Created by: n0#2180