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Full JustAnotherBot Bot guide, with invite link to add to your server, along with Music commands and any Discord bot upvote rewards.

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JustAnotherBot Discord Bot Described:

A multipurpose Discord.py Bot with a fully functional Audio Player, Chatterbot AI, Soundclips & More.
Help/Command List:


Some commands require the role ‘Admin’ or ‘Captain’ to avoid misuse

Useful Commands

Audio Player commands:

  • jab!summon <channel> - Summons the bot into the given voice channel, if one is not provided it will join your current voice channel.
  • jab!join - Joins your current voice channel.
  • jab!leave - Clears the queue and leaves the current voice channel.
  • jab!play - Plays a song from the given URL, if no url is provided it will search youtube and playback the top result. If a song is already playing it will add it to the queue. A full list of compatible streaming sources can be found here: https://rg3.github.io/youtube-dl/supportedsites.html
  • jab!volume <0-100> - Sets the current audio player volume.
  • jab!pause - Pauses the currently playing track.
  • jab!resume - Resumes the currently playing track.
  • jab!stop - Stops playing current track and clears the queue.
  • jab!skip - Skips the current track, two votes are required unless you requested the song.
  • jab!queue - Shows the current queue.
  • jab!shuffle - Shuffles the current queue.
  • jab!now - Shows the currently playing track.


  • jab!lmgtfy <Search Term> - Provides a let me google that for you link.
  • jab!magic8ball - Gives a magic 8-Ball style response.
  • jab!ping - Shows latency between Bot and Discord Servers.
  • jab!rolldice - Rolls a standard pair of dice.
  • jab!wiki <Search Term> - Searches Wikipedia and provides information in the current text channel.
  • jab!about - Shows bot version and server information.
  • jab!suggest <Suggestion> - Suggests a new feature.
  • jab!invite - Gets the bots invite link.
  • jab!chat <What you want to say> - Speaks to JustAnotherBot directly (WIP).

Please check the jab!help command for the full command list and descriptions on how to use them.

To use commands with Restricted Usage users must poses the role ‘Admin’ or ‘Captain’ this is to prevent command abuse, please check back regularly and see !Changelog to see info on changes/possible
upcoming features:



  • Re-written to allow for better implementation of the Discord.py command set.
  • Fixed problems related to FFMpeg and YouTube audio streaming stopping mid stream.
  • Added extra voice channel commands.


  • Added volume controls to the Audio Player.
  • Fixed problems with jab!StopPlayer command crashing the bot.
  • Started adding support for PC2 UDP data stream, partially implemented with jab!PC2Data command.


  • Implemented chatterbox AI support (WIP).
  • Started a changelog and added corresponding command (jab!Changelog)


  • Added a limited selection of Movie quotes to the AI dataset.(Improve)
  • Implemented simple Compuglobal.aio support for Frinkiac(Simpsons), Morbotron(Futurama) & Master of Sciences(Rick&Morty)
    images/memes and corresponding commands(jab!Simpsons[Search Term]/jab!RandomSimpsons etc.)
  • Added server.log for administrative and error logging purposes.


  • Added jab!Suggestion command to suggest new features/soundclips etc.
  • Added jab!Lmgtfy (Let me google that for you) command to allow people to point out the obvious.
  • Added jab!Birdistheword soundclip.
  • Added jab!SnarfSnarf soundclip.
  • Added jab!ShittyFluteFox soundclip.
  • Added jab!SovietAnthem soundclip.
  • Added jab!Disgusting soundclip.


  • Bot Gifs and large messages will now be removed after 30 seconds to avoid server clutter.
  • Added jab!Help text for various exceptions.
  • Added jab!Bestpirate soundclip.
  • Added jab!DejaVu soundclip.
  • Added jab!BallsofSteel soundclip.
  • Added jab!ShowSuggestions command.
  • Added jab!Giggity soundclip.
  • Added jab!DrumRoll soundclip.
  • Added jab!Shiiit soundclip.
  • Fixed errors related to usernames with non-unicode characters.


  • Added jab!RacingOrPingPong? soundclip.
  • Added jab!Tralala soundclip.
  • Fixed errors related to bot accounts and PM’s.
  • Vastly improved error/exception logging and handling of non-unicode characters.
  • Added top.gg server count support.


  • Changed command prefix to jab! to allow for better compatibility with other bots.
  • Total re-work of the !Help message and related events.
  • Added !Ping command.
  • Added !Invite command.
  • Added !Uptime command.
  • Now uses ‘Cog’ functionality to allow for more command flexibility and less bot downtime.
  • Added Simple playlist functionality (Still a WIP).
  • Added !Magic8Ball command.
  • Added !GlobalThermoNuclearWar command.
  • Added !Wiki command.
  • Added !Restart command for bot owners.
  • Added !retrain & !retraindel commands to delete/retrain the chatterbot AI dataset without restarting the bot.
  • Added a Health Check module to provide uptime/basic usage statistics for Bot owners.


  • ** Total rework of the AudioPlayer cog to allow for playlists and playback across multiple servers. A full list of supported sites can be found here: https://rg3.github.io/youtube-dl/supportedsites.html**
  • AudioPlayer will disconnect after 3 minutes of inactivity to help with bot performance.

Foot Notes

  • AI Chatbot should improve as people speak to it more (Plans on adding some responses manually and expanding
    the base conversation dataset.)
  • Remember to check back regularly for updates and use the !Suggestion command to suggest new ideas/soundclips.
Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add JustAnotherBot Discord Bot to my server?

You can add JustAnotherBot to your Discord Server by pressing 'Add JustAnotherBot Discord Bot' on this page.

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Prefix: jab!
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Users: unknown
Created by: J2Fat2Lazy#2825