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A Multipurpose bot that has Moderation, Fun, Economy and more!
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  • Moderation Commands
  • +ban | Bans a user Mentioned
  • +kick | Kicks a User Mentioned
  • +mute | Mutes a User Mentioned
  • +unmute | Unmutes the User Mentioned
  • +purge | Purges 1-5000 Messages
  • Other Commands
  • +serverinfo | Shows the Server Info
  • +userinfo | Shows your User Info
  • +g-invites | Shows how many people were invited to your Discord Server
  • +avatar | Shows your Avatar
  • +ping | Shows the Discord Bot Latency
  • +vouch | Vouches the person Mentioned
  • +afk | Makes you AFK.
  • +say | Says whatever you want it to say.
  • Fun Commands
  • +howgay | Checks How gay you are
  • +8ball | Ask a Question, and it will answer to you.
  • +deadchat | Shows a Image of Dead Chat
  • +rip | Shows a Image of RIP
  • +yomama | Sends you a Yo Mama Joke
  • +dadjoke | Sends you a Dad Joke
  • +flip | Flips a Coin (Heads or Tails)
  • +cat | Random Cat Photo
  • +dogs | Sends a random Dog Photo
  • +puppy | Sends a Cute Puppy Photo
  • +memes | Sends a random meme

There are More commands being added.

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