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hi there, i'm taehyun, a txt themed bot! type .h in my dms for the help message! bot owner id: 449561628627828736

hello there, i’m taehyun, a txt themed bot. i could be used for any server too!

the bot is basically nadeko-like, except it has a kpop theme and is custom! you need help? join the support server! type .h in dms, or just say anything and the support server should show. the bot will not answer to the messages in your dms! there’s also a guide on how to create a custom nadeko-like bot :)

  • if you ever upvote me, let me know in my private messages!
  1. choose how much currency you want, from 5k to 25k.
  2. dm me how much currency you want.
  3. you’ll be awarded the currency and eventually you’ll be dmed by the owner through the bot.

please say the mistakes in the bots dms and the owner will message you through the bot, saying whenever the mistake is fixed or not!

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