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Killua Discord Bot Described:

The multipurpose bot that does it better

Killua has now switched to slash commands. However, while discouraged to use them because of convenience, the bot still supports message command! The default prefix is k! but can be changed. Mentioning the bot is always a valid prefix.

Hunt for Cards and Monsters

With Killua’s Greed Island System, users can embark on a thrilling adventure similar to the Hunter x Hunter anime’s Greed Island Arc. Just like in the anime, you can collect cards, use spells, and hunt for monsters with the ultimate goal of collecting cards 1-100. Get ready to embark on an adventure, strategize your moves, and compete with other users to become the ultimate card collector! With Killua Bot’s Greed Island System, the excitement and challenges of the anime come to life right in your Discord server. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s go hunt!


Powerful todo lists

Keep track of your tasks and stay organized with Killua Discord Bot’s powerful Todo Lists feature. With the ability to share todo lists, assign tasks to specific people, set due dates, add notes, and customize the appearance of your lists, Killua’s Todo Lists feature offers a comprehensive solution for managing your daily to-do’s, all on discord!


Express Yourself with Killua’s Action Commands

Killua’s Action Commands is a playful way to express emotions on Discord, with commands like hug, poke, and slap, each featuring a random anime GIF or image. The feature is a great addition to any server, allowing users to interact with others or express themselves. The hug command is exclusive to Killua’s character, and users can disable any actions being used on them with a simple settings command.


Play around with images

Ever wanted to see how Rick Astley looked with laser eyes? Wanted to see a spinning Rick Astley with laser eyes? Maybe a spinning Rick Astley in low resolution? Killua’s many image manipulation commands allow for easy chaining of doing whatever you want to do toRick Astley. If you give no image to the command it will automatically be applied to the last image in chat.


Add Some Fun to Your Server with Killua’s Game Feature

Killua Discord Bot’s Fun and Games feature is a great way to pass the time and have fun on Discord. With options like rock paper scissors, trivia, and a counting game where you have to remember the order of numbers, users can challenge their friends and other server members to see who comes out on top. Whether you’re looking for a quick distraction or a way to engage with others on your server, Killua’s Fun and Games feature has something for everyone. So why not add a little fun to your Discord experience with Killua’s Fun and Games feature?


Organize Your Discord with Killua’s Tags Feature

Killua Discord Bot’s Tags feature is a great tool for keeping your Discord organized. With the ability to create and edit tags of any name, users can save messages, images, or paragraphs for later use. Whether you need to keep track of important information, share resources with others, or just want to save a funny meme for later, Killua’s Tags feature makes it easy to do so. Moderators also have the ability to delete tags, ensuring that your Discord stays clutter-free. If you’re looking to streamline your Discord experience and keep everything in one place, Killua’s Tags feature is a must-have.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add Killua Discord Bot to my server?

You can add Killua to your Discord Server by pressing 'Add Killua Discord Bot' on this page.

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