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Powerful multi-function and configurable bot.

Koya is a powerful multi-function and configurable Discord bot.

It creates many possibilites for your server:

Member greetings
Sends announcements to your members with our greetings system.

One Piece World Tour
Play our exclusive and interactive One Piece game with Koya!

Koya’s moderation section gives you powerful tools to moderate your server.

Reddit and RSS feeds
Koya’s Reddit and RSS feeds system is way to never miss any of your favorite website articles or subreddits posts.

Fun commands creates a high retention for your server, more activity for your members to stay!

Image Manipulation
Manipulate images like a GOD! Have some funny moments with your friends…

Social interactions
Add social interactions to your server with our commands!

Utilites on Koya is an easy way to avoid moving from Discord to do stuff!

And more to discover…

Koya is fully translated in French, English, Portuguese Brazilian and Spanish.
Full list of commands available here: https://koya.gg/commands.

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.


Prefix: ^^ & configurable
Servers: 2.04m
Users: unknown
Created by: Koyamie#1050
Short link: discord.ly/koya