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Invite Kurisu Bot to your server and enjoy its unique features like Hug, Compete and Talk with AI commands. Discord Bot.

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Hug your friends, compete in the leaderboards, talk with AI, image lock channels and much more!
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(This documentation has been renewed for V4.3.0 | 29th of April 2020)
(Kurisu Support server: https://discord.gg/sYywKD2)
(Invite Kurisu: https://kurisubot.net/invite)
(The always up to date documentation can be found at https://kurisubot.net/documentation)

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Kurisu is a discord entertainment bot developed by Fehleno and EnderCrypt. Users are able to use Kurisu to hug their friends, give jokes to them, show images of red pandas (and normal pandas too!), get their fortune, ask an 8ball for help to make important life decisions and many many other things!

Development history

Let’s get a bit personal first. My name is Nico and I’m 19 years old as for now (alright that’s enough already.). I’ve started Kurisu as a bot project on the 1st of March 2019. That was the first ever bot I’ve created. And that was with the Discord Bot Maker. The only programming knowledge I had at that point was working with Batch files. The discord bot maker version of Kurisu was garbage. Let’s be real with that. I’ve dropped it 3 days after I’ve started it. But luckily for me, I had a friend that already has his own discord bot running (with Discord JS and commando)! He helped me to get my own bot started without pre-made scripts. But I didn’t get far myself because of my lack of JavaScript knowledge. I’ve added some commands here and there with a lot of copy pasting but I wasn’t proud of it. That’s where EnderCrypt joined the project. He gave me tons of material for learning JS, he added a lot of cool things himself and got me hooked to coding. At this point I have a fair amount of knowledge, Kurisu is now being hosted with Vultr and she’s able to use wit.ai (more on that under Artificial Intelligence.)

Artificial intelligence

When it comes to AI, Kurisu is using wit.ai. Wit is a natural language analysis tool that is able to get certain intents out of human sentences. For example, Kurisu is using it to run the following command. Wit helped Kurisu to get the intent out of the command (sending an image) the image type (panda) and it also told her that the user being polite (as a result she said “yay” or any other random text that’s associated with happiness). Kurisu is also able to deny the user a command if the user is being rude, as shown here. She’s also able to accept compliments and she’s able to be sad if you just insult her. But not all commands can be run with “+ai”. Here’s a list of commands that can be triggered by using a example sentence that would guide her to them:

command name - [aliases] - Description - (Example)
Fun commands:
  • eightball - [8ball, 8b] - Uses an API (nekos.life) to reply to a yes/no queston. - eightball
  • coin-flip - [cf, flip] - Will reply with a message, giving you either heads or tails as a result. - coin-flip
  • dadjoke - [joke] - Uses an API (icanhazdadjoke.com) to reply with a random dad joke. - dadjoke
  • funfact - Uses an API (nekos.life) to reply with a random fun fact. - funfact
  • fortune - Will reply with a random fortune. - fortune
  • magic - Will reply with a magic trick gif. - magic
  • quote - Uses an API (quote-garden.herokuapp.com) to reply with a random quote. - quote

Utility commands:
  • ai - [kurisu] - Will execute commands with plain english text (more info under Artificial intelligence) - ai
  • avatar - Will reply with the profile picture (or avatar) of either the pinged user, or if no arguments are given with the command executor. If you use +avatar $server, you will get the server icon instead. - avatar
  • enlarge - Will reply with an direct link of an attached emote. - enlarge
  • me - [about] - Will reply with general information about the bot. - me
  • who - [whois] - Will reply with general information about a tagged user or the command executor if no arguments are added. - who

Image commands:
  • birb - [bird] - Uses an API (some-random-api.ml) to reply with a random “birb” image. - birb
  • cat - [catto] - Uses an API (aws.random.cat) to reply with a random cat image. - cat
  • doggo - [dog] - Uses an API (random.dog) to reply with a random dog image. - dog
  • fox - [foxxo, foxy] - Uses an API (randomfox.ca) to reply with a random fox image. - fox
  • koala - Uses an API (some-random-api.ml) to reply with a random koala image. - koala
  • lizard - Uses an API (nekos.life) to reply with a random lizard image. - lizard
  • meme - - Uses an API (meme-api.herokuapp.com) to reply with a random meme from reddit. - meme
  • panda - Uses an API (some-random-api.ml) to reply with a random panda image. - panda
  • redpanda - Uses an API (some-random-api.ml) to reply with a random red panda image. - redpanda
  • shibe - [shibainu] - Uses an API (shibe.online) to reply with a random shiba inu image. - shibe

Item commands:
  • achievements - [accomplishments, ihatethisword] - Gives you a list of all achievements. You can check other people’s achievements by pinging them or using their ID. - achievements
  • buy - [purchase] - Allows you to purchase items for SG Coins. To get a list of items, use the command +shop. If you want to buy multiple items, you can add a number before the items name. buy
  • examine - [check, inspect] - Allows you to inspect an item that you have or an item from the shop. If you don’t have the item, it will say “Examining 0x ITEM NAME”. Examine will give you the items description (if it has one), the items category, the items buy and sell price and it will tell you if the item is useable and if it’s a single use or not. - examine
  • inventory - [e, inv, items] - Will display your inventory on the one from the mentioned user. - inventory
  • sell - Allows you to sell items from your inventory. If you use just +sell, it will show you a list of items you can sell and for what price. - sell
  • shop - [store, market] - Lists all items that you can buy using +buy. (You can use up to two arguments in this command, the arguments are split with a comma " , ") The first argument allows you to select a category example. The second argument allows you to choose a SUB category. example2.
  • use - Allows you to use items. This command is used to consume valuables, to change profile backgrounds… View the attached images for more info. use(1st)use(2nd)

Meme commands:
  • abandon - Will insert your text to the abandoned baby meme. - abandon
  • changemymind - Will insert your text to the change my mind meme. - changemymind
  • communism - Will add an USSR flag to the mentioned users avatar. -communism
  • fact - Takes your message and puts it into the facts book. - fact
  • fedora - Will add a fedora to a mentioned users avatar. - fedora
  • gay - Will add a pride flag to a mentioned users avatar. - gay
  • laid - Will to place the mentioned users avatar to the not getting laid scheme. - laid
  • mask - Puts a surgical mask on the profile picture from the tagged user. - mask
  • menacing - Allows you to add a menacing filter to a tagged user. - menacing
  • nitro - Sends a totally legit (not fake) nitro gift into the chat. - nitro
  • snap - Sends a Thanos comic snapping away the mentioned user. If nobody is mentioned, your avatar will be used. - snap
  • suit - Puts the tagged user into an hazard suit. - suit
  • worship - Sends a comic showing that people worship the mentioned user. If nobody is mentioned, your avatar will be used. - worship
  • worthless - Sends an image saying that the mentioned user is worthless. If nobody is mentioned, your avatar will be used. - worthless

Pokemon commands:
  • pokemoninfo - [pokemon, pokedex] - Uses an API (pokeapi.co) to reply with general information about a pokemon. The argument can be either the pokemon name, or it’s ID. The argument is not case sensitive. - pokemoninfo

Action commands:

All action commands require an argument (tagging a user.) If the argument is undefined (left blank), Kurisu will target the action command at you. If you try to aim an Action command at Kurisu, she’ll use the Action command on you.

  • avada-kedavra - [avada] - Will reply with a gif showcasing Lord Voldemort from Harry Potter where he uses a so called “killing curse”. - avada-kedavra
  • cuddle - [hug] - Uses an API (nekos.life) to hug/cuddle a user. - cuddle
  • explode - [xplode, ekupurosion] - Will cast explosion magic at a user. - explode
  • f - Makes Kurisu say that you paid your respect and will increase your respect counter. - f
  • feed - Uses an API (nekos.life) to feed a user. - feed
  • insult - Uses an API (evilinsult.com) to send a random insult (currently only returning undefined.) - insult
  • iq - Sends the randomly generated IQ of a user. Once generated, it does not change. - iq
  • owoify - [owo] - Uses an API (nekos.life) to change “normal text” to “owoifyed text”. - owoify
  • pat - Uses an API (nekos.life) to pat a user. - pat
  • poke - Uses an API (nekos.life) to poke a user. - poke
  • slap - Uses an API (nekos.life) to slap a user. - slap
  • smug - Uses an API (nekos.life) to display a random smug face. smug
  • tickle Uses an API (nekos.life) to tickle a user. tickle

Economy commands:

The currency is currently called “SG Coins” (as in Steins;Gate Coins)

  • coins - [money, wallet] - Will respond with the amount of Coins that the mentioned user has. If nobody has been mentioned, it will return your amount of Coins. - coins
  • daily - Will give you 100 Coins. You can use this command every 23h. As you keep using this command, your “daily streak” will increase, and you’ll get more and more coins every day until you reach the maximum. Every 10 days you will get a “Silver Upa” which can be sold. - daily
  • transfer - Will transfer Coins to a mentioned user. After running +transfer @user, you’ll have to enter an amount between 100-10,000. The user will then receive the Coins. (10% of the entered amount will be taxed.) Entering anything besides the number will cancel the transfer. - transfer
  • economyleadeboard - [elb] - Will send the top 10 users with the most Coins. - economyleaderboard
  • fleaderboard - [flb] - Will send the top 10 users with the most paid respects. - fleaderboard
  • gamble - [bet] - Allows you to gamble with your Coins. The maximum amount you can bet is always 50% of your current wallet. - gamble
  • rep - Allows you to give a reputation point to a mentioned user. You cannot give rep to yourself. It has a 24h cooldown. - rep
  • profile - Shows the profile of a mentioned user. If nobody was mentioned, it will show your profile. Some database entries are still work in progress, use +textprofile to get all db entries. - profile
  • textprofile - [tp] - Will give you a text version of +profile. It contains all database entries. - textprofile
  • vote - Allows you to vote for Kurisu on top.gg. As a reward, you will get free SG Coins and (possibly) other free rewards! You can vote every 12 hours. - vote, after-vote

Anime commands:
  • waifu - Will send an image of your own personalized waifu! If you don’t have one, Kurisu will dm you and start the creation process. This command is powered by waifulabs.com - waifu-1waifu-2
  • waifu-name - Allows you to change your waifu’s name. By default, her name will be blank. - waifu-name

Admin commands:
All a commands require the user to have an role called “Admin” (case sensitive) to be ran (this is the default setup. If you want another role, join the support server.).
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add Kurisu Discord Bot to my server?

You can add Kurisu to your Discord Server by pressing 'Add Kurisu Discord Bot' on this page.

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