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Full Kyto Bot guide, with invite link to add to your server, along with Fun commands and any Discord bot upvote rewards.

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Kyto Discord Bot Described:

Made with love, heart and Fire!!

!Ping,=> Says the ping of you and the Bot!

!Clear,=> Clears the chat!

!kick {user}=> Will kick the user you tagged

187,=> The bot will say 187

!say embed {text} => The bot will say the text you wrote! (Embed)

!iq => Says the IQ of you/ !iq @user => says the IQ of the tagged user!

!Userinfo @user => Information about this user!

!Serverinfo => Informations about the server!

!dog => Shows dog puppies! ^^ (not working sometimes)

!help => Shows all commands and the prefix!

!web => Shows the webpage of the bot!

!ts => Shows informations about the Ticketsystem!

!rs => Informations about the Reportsystem!

!gh => Gives you informations about the Ticketsystem!

!flip => Number or head

!amongus => Is an among us server!


You need an Category called “Ticket”

Also you need an channel called “Ticket”!

You need a role called “Supporter” = Staffmember!


!ticket => Creates an ticket!

!closeticket => Closes the ticket.


Couldnt close this ticket => Bot has not enough permissions or an other problem accoured.

Couldnt finde the Support role! => You need the “Supporter” role!

You cant create an ticket in this channel => Wrong channel. You should create that in #ticket

(Beta 1.0.1)


You need an channel calles “reports”


!report @user + reson | Reason is not required!


User is not mentioned => You have to tag a user!

There is no channel in this guild which is called #reports! => You need the reports channel!

(Beta 1.0.0)

Tic tac toe

!tictactoe @user => The user you want to create a duell!

!quiz (easy/medium/hard)

Usage !kg


You need to use d (days), h (hours), m (minutes), or s (seconds) => You used an invalid time argument!

Arguement missing. What is the prize? => You have to set a prize!

I can’t find that channel in the server! => You have to use the #(channelname)

You did not specify a time! => U did not specify a time lol

Not enough people for me to draw a winner! => No one was reacting to the giveaway!

About him:
He will get updated every weeek.

This bot is under Development!

About me:
Im new at coding. Thats why the bot has not that much features. I hope thats ok.

The bot will never destroy your server or something like this.

I promise, that nothing bad will hapen to all of you.


Have fun with my bot! Cheers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add Kyto Discord Bot to my server?

You can add Kyto to your Discord Server by pressing 'Add Kyto Discord Bot' on this page.

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