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Invite Legion Bot to your server and enjoy its multi-purpose commands for server management and member interaction. Discord Bot.

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Legion Discord Bot Described:

A multi-purpose utility Discord bot to enhance server management and improve member interaction.


Legion - The Future Of Discord Bots

Meet Legion, the ultimate Discord server management and multi-purpose Utility bot by Archreus#4200 and the Midnight Development team.

Our objective is to enhance server management for server owners, administrators and moderators, as well as create a safe and interactive user-friendly environment for your server. With it’s powerful unique in-built features, Legion can guarantee that it’s the best choice for you.

Getting Started With Legion

The default prefix for Legion is ?. To make things work for you, this prefix is customizable and can be changed to whatever suits you. To do so, you can use the ?prefix command. To view the full list of modules, use the ?help command.

Legion - Core Modular System

What makes Legion unique is it’s powerful module core system. Each command is categorized into an assigned module, which makes commands easier to find. The following modules are listed:

Moderation Module | ?help moderation
Control your server with a wide variety of moderation commands for you and your server staff to enforce the rules.

Information Module | ?help information
Tired of having to head over to server settings to view information? No problem. We provide simple information commands with all the data and statistics you need.

Utilities Module | ?help utilities
Need an extra boost? Legion provides additional unique powerful features such a weather forecast and customizable prefix system to suit your needs.

Search Module | ?help search
Surfing the web has never been easier. With Legion you can search things up on popular websites such as the Urban dictionary or YouTube, or for developers the discord.js documentation.

Levels Module | ?help levels
Server members not interacting enough? Bring on a challenge with our leveling system for members to grind exp and view their progress with unique server rank cards.

Fun Module | ?help fun
Spice up your server and have a laugh with our interactive fun commands. Features include images and video commands as well as an exclusive Economy system.

Configuration Module | ?help configuration
Want to customize Legion? Sure, go ahead with the configuration module to suit your needs.

Each module will display commands. You can view more information on them with the ?help [command name] command.


Moderation Module Commands

announce, clear, kick, snipe

Information Module Commands

avatar, coronavirus, help, info, server-info, spotify, statistics, whois

Utilities Module Commands

giveaway, hastebin, calculate, ping, reroll, weather

Search Module Commands

discrim, djs, member, npm, urban

Levels Module Commands

rank, leaderboard

Fun Module Commands

8ball, ascii, balance, changemymind, coinflip, color, daily, economy, meme, trigger, trivia

Configuration Module Commands

module, prefix
Development Team

» Archreus#4200 (Head Developer)
» Crown Tech#2586 (Server Owner)
» Mystic#1134 (Developer)
» lucaslah#9297 (Tester)
» TheDevBird#3364 (Website Development)

Important Bot Links

discordbot.co Page: https://discordbots.co/bot/legion
discordlabs.org Page: https://bots.discordlabs.org/bot/794411847117832202
Statcord (Statistics): https://statcord.com/bot/794411847117832202
Invite Link: https://discord.com/oauth2/authorize?client_id=794411847117832202&permissions=8&scope=bot
Email: [email protected]
Support Server: https://discord.gg/NCegAPNjmv

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add Legion Discord Bot to my server?

You can add Legion to your Discord Server by pressing 'Add Legion Discord Bot' on this page.

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Prefix: ? (customizable)
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Created by: Ascendus#6316