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Leviathan Discord Bot Described:

Multi usage bot, including cross platform integration with twitch
Leviathan Bot
Before we start, THIS BOT IS SAFE FOR WORK. It does have NSFW commands, which will ONLY work in a NSFW channel or a whitelisted channel, by using n.add! You are safe, dont worry.

Now that’s out of the way, heres more details.
This bot is made using Js, using d.js library.

It is a Multiuse bot with tools that can be fun to use in large servers.

For you to use this bot on Twitch aswell, click here for more info Jump
Admin tools:
  • Purge commands for user messages
  • Clear bot messages
  • User info aswell as account creation date for identifying alts
  • Poll commands
  • Quoter
  • 8Ball/Should i?
  • Balance
  • Gamble
  • Boss Fights
Incoming features/Work in Progress:
  • Global Currency that works between Discord Chat and Twitch chat and can be used on both
  • Emotes database so you can use emotes via the bot without nitro
Need support?

Click HERE

This bot stores the following data:
  • The Channel ID(which is used for whitelist and ONLY added when you do n.add)
  • Emotes that you post in chat
  • Amount of times you used the commands (analytics)
Add this bot to your server!

Simply click HERE to add it.

Remove permission Administrator if you wish, or leave it as is.
Administrator is NOT required, though you wont have any permission problems with the bot

Twitch commands can be done with ‘n. gamble’ or ‘n;gamble’. Doing ‘n.gamble’ detects as a link, you can now use spaces!
Command Arguments Description Example
:eyes: [Blank] Sends another :eyes: emote in chat :eyes:
n.add [Blank] This add a NON NSFW channel into whitelist. For whatever reason, if you want NSFW in a channel not set NSFW, you can use this to allow bot n.add
n.acheck [UserID] NOT PUBLIC, used for checking if player is already registered n.acheck 188836645670223872
n.acurrency [set/get/add/remove/reset] NOT PUBLIC, used for setting amount, getting balance, removing currency, adding currency or reseting accounts to 0 n.acurrency set 188836645670223872 300
n.astatus [setstatus/setstream] NOT PUBLIC, selects one of my status to be shown or stream for link to minigames n.astatus setstream
n.balance [Optional userid] checks your current amount of points n.balance
n.boss [Blank] Does a boss fight, and earns or loses coins based on it n.boss
n.check [Blank] Checks for the bot’s permissions and displays it for you n.check
n.clear [Optional 1-100 messages] Deletes THIS BOT ONLY messages, also the optional messages is messages FECTHED, not messages DELETED n.clear 63
n.dec [Base64 String] Decodes whatever you typed from Base64 n.dec VGhpcyBpcyBTVVBFUiBmdW4=
n.embed [Anything] Sends an embed containing your arguments n.embed Embeds are cool
n.enc [Anything] Encodes whatever you typed into Base64 n.enc This is SUPER fun
n.gamble [Amuont] Gambles the amount of points specified n.gamble 50
n.guilds [Blank] NOT PUBLIC, for debugging. Display guilds per ID and their NAME n.guild
n.help [Blank] Gives you this command list, but in embed format n.help
n.invite [Blank] Gets you the invite link for this bot n.link
n.lat [Blank] Check Bot’s Latency n.lat
n.loli [Blank] Tells you not to lewd lolis, for legal reasons(there arent any blacklisted tags, you are responsible for what you use my bot for) n.loli
n.mine [Blank] Tells in chat that whatever emote you posted, i just stole it for myself n.mine
n.nick [Anything] Changes the bot nickname to whatever you want. Respects discord limits, {2-32} long nick n.nick Safe For Work Bot
n.nwaifu [Blank] This is a big command used for building the JSON required to add a new waifu to Is-Your-Waifu-Legal, it uses [NaN] as a skippeable argument and [,] as a separator n.nwaifu
n.poll [Amount],[Description], [content1]… make sure the 1-10 match the amount of things you want in the poll. If you do n.poll 4, its expecting a description + 4 elements n.poll 3, This is the description/title, this is element 1, element 2, element 3
n.purge [@User] + [Optional 1-100 messages] Purges messages based on @user + optional amount. if not set, it will default to 50 messages FETCHED(how far up in chat it goes), NOT deleted. Also accepts All/all as a parameter, then it clears all messages in chat n.purge @Erwin 100
n.quote [MessageID or MessageLink] Quotes the message you wanted to be quoted n.quote 709892147935182849
n.random [Blank] Gives you a random Doujinshi to read n.random
n.register [Blank] Sends you info about what you need to do to register on discord minigames n.register
n.remove [Blank] Removes the channel from whitelist, making the bot not be able to use NSFW commands there anymore n.remove
n.say [Anything] The bot says whatever comes after the message, be it an emote or a message n.say This is useless
n.search [Search arguments] Searches for your doujinshi. Check INFO for advanced search . Select which doujinshi you want to read by reacting with :book: n.search blonde -tag:“loli”
n.searchid [Doujinshi ID] Fetches the nhentai doujinshi based on ID n.searchid 312913
n.servers [Blank] Display the amount of Servers, Channels, and Users the bot is currently serving (only displays online users) n.servers
n.shouldi [Anything] Like 8ball, it will tell you if you should do something or not. Returns true or false n.shouldi do my dishes now?
n.stop [Blank] NOT PUBLIC, kills the bot in an emergency. Alias [n.kill] n.stop
n.uptime [Blank] Display the bots uptime n.uptime
n.user [ID or @User] Display user info even if they are not in the server n.user 188836645670223872
Twitch Information :

This bot is capable of doing cross currency between Discord and Twitch. Meaning the points you are awareded from minigames and other rewards are able to be used between both platforms. If you earn 20 coins, you get those 20 coins both on twitch and discord. (shop and others incoming soon enough), as for now you arent able to outright add the bot to twitch, though you are able to fully use it on discord as any other bot with its other functions.

  • To get started, DM author or ask for it to be added HERE
  • After it has been added, type anything in your stream chat to check if the bot replies to it (it will register you on the first message you send), alternatively, try n.boss to see if the bot is properly placed in your chat.
  • That’s it, users are now able to do the commands listed in the Minigame section and spend those points across your Discord and your Stream chat!
  • Remember that ‘n.command’ may be detected as a link, users are able to use ‘n. gamble’ , with spaces in between to avoid that if you have links disallowed in your chat!
Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add Leviathan Discord Bot to my server?

You can add Leviathan to your Discord Server by pressing 'Add Leviathan Discord Bot' on this page.

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