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Full Libertas Bot guide, with invite link to add to your server, along with Moderation commands and any Discord bot upvote rewards.
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Libertas Discord Bot Described

: Liberate your server with Libertas! Button Roles; Welcome & Goodbye Messages; Advanced Moderation; Ticket Tool; Custom Commands; Embeds & Plain Text; Suggestions; & much more!

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What is Libertas?

Imagine a Bot… that truly liberates your Discord server experience! Libertas does that and more with a remarkably intuitive and visually pleasing web dashboard, advanced button role features, command moderation & automations, and much more! Check us out today to see what Libertas can do for you.

Why should I use Libertas?
  • Quick & easy-to-use web dashboard.
  • Regular & consistent updates.
  • Latest features that Discord empowers bots to have (i.e., button roles, slash commands, etc.).
  • One-on-one support system in the official support server (i.e., just open a ticket with the click of a blurple button).
Web Dashboard Preview:

Libertas Banner
Libertas Banner
Libertas Banner

What features does Libertas provide?
  • Button Role Messages: Discord released a cutting edge feature called Buttons! Buttons are an interaction that can be attached to a message and clicked to distribute roles (pretty much new & improved reaction roles). In addition to that, these buttons come in four different colors, can have their own text, and can also have emojis added to them!

  • Verification & Greetings Messages: In addition to Button Role Messages, Libertas empowers users with the ability to automate personalized welcome messages when new users join the server. Furthermore, these messages can be configured to include buttons similar to the Button Role Message feature… but this feature comes with two different types of buttons: Role Buttons & URL Buttons. Role Buttons distribute roles for verification purposes while URL Buttons can redirect users to a specific website, Discord server, channel, or message! Both types of buttons can have custom text and emojis put on them!

  • Custom Slash Commands: Ever heard of slash commands? Libertas builds upon slash commands by allowing users to create their own custom slash commands! These commands can be single-response, random-response, or flipbook-response (a multi-paged message or book) depending on what the user decides to configure.

  • Command Moderation: With over 33 moderation slash commands, users can more easily manage their server and all users within it. A comprehensive list of commands can be found on our web dashboard and their settings/permissions can be configured there as well!

  • Auto-Moderation: Users can configure Libertas to protect their server and members from a variety of events that all too often plague Discord servers: Bad Words, Repeated Text, Server Invites, External Links, Excessive Caps, Excessive Emojis, Excessive Spoilers, Excessive Mentions, and ZALGO! These features not only protect servers but can also be configured to delete bad messages along with sending a warning to the bad party.

  • Audit Logging: Missing certain server events (i.e., role updates, message events, member events, etc.) is a thing of the past! Libertas can be configured to provide color-coordinated logging messages that keep admins & moderators up-to-date on everything that goes on within the server! For example, if a user posts a server invite in your server… Libertas will log a summary that includes the server name, invite, icon, total member count, and online member count!

  • Timed Messages: Posting messages on a repeated timed interval has never been easier! Libertas empowers users with the ability to post a message on loop for custom intervals! This can be done with a single-response timer and even a random-response timer (a randomly selected response configured by the user out of a batch of responses)! Furthermore, URL Buttons can be added to both types of timed messages and this could be used to redirect users to a website, Discord server, channel, or message!

What’s next?

Libertas is here to stay. That said, keep an eye out for great feature enhancements and upgrades to come in the future! We are always working to make Libertas a liberating experience for all of our users. If you have any suggestions or requests, feel free to join the Support Server and use the /suggest command to make your suggestion!

Quick Links:

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Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are buttons?

Buttons are a form of interactions that are provided exclusively to users through Discord bots. Libertas allows users to configure two types of buttons: Role Buttons and URL Buttons…

Can buttons be applied to every feature?

Every Libertas feature offers button capabilities but some features may only offer one over the other (i.e., Button Roles or URL Buttons) while some features allow both types simultaneously (i.e., Button Roles & URL Buttons).

Do I have to pay to use Libertas?

Currently, all features are free! However, when premium rolls out, every user will still have access to our free features and premium will simply enhance them further!

How do I add Libertas Discord Bot to my server?

You can add Libertas to your Discord Server by pressing ‘Add Libertas Discord Bot’ on this page.

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