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Liberate your server with Libertas! Button Roles; Welcome & Goodbye Messages; Advanced Moderation; Auto-Roles; Custom Commands; Embeds & Plain Text; Timed Messages
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Libertas is a verified bot focused on Liberating your Discord experience!

Check out some of our unique features below:

  • Unique Embed Illustrator: There is no shortage of illustrations (and I am not referring to all of the Libertas Eagles that hang around our site)! Every single feature has a one-of-a-kind embed builder & illustrator that empowers you to see your creation (yes, even the buttons that you add) before you ever post it in the server!

  • Modern Button Roles: Grab a role with the tip of your finger and the flare of a custom button! New and even existing messages can be enhanced with button roles that make getting a server role a breeze!

  • Welcome Messages Redefined: Discord servers are a place for you, your friends, and associates to hang out! Enhance that experience from the start with the most advanced welcome & goodbye messages! You can even add buttons to your welcome messages for a server verification process!

  • Powerful Custom Commands: But seriously‚Ķ create custom commands that empower you to truly rule your server! The days of a server ruling you are over. Keeping with the trend of liberation, we have even included button capabilities for each command you create!

  • Advanced Moderation: Keep your server safe, clean, & secure thanks to over 29 moderation commands along with high-quality auto-moderation & audit logging systems!

  • Much more & more to come! Our goal is to help you Liberate the Discord experience! The only way for us to truly do that is to continually think of outside-of-the-box ways to enhance your server when using Libertas!

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