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A bot designed to implement a true to life economy system into Discord, using the real stock market data and crypto market data.

Lightning economy is designed to allow people to make real-life investments without any of the risk.
Each user is given $250,000 at the start, and the only thing limiting them is their ability to make good bets
for or against the market.


$register: This command registers you in the database and gives you $250,000 to trade with.

$buy[stockTicker][amount]: this command buys the supplied stock ex(aapl) with the amount you supply it. ex($buy aapl 10) will buy 10 aapl stocks so long as you have the funds.

$cbuy[cryptoTicker][amount]: this command, like the buy command will buy crypto example($cbuy btc-usd 1) will purchase 1 bitcoin so long as you have the funds.

$sell[stockTicker][amount]: this command sells the supplied stock ex(aapl) with the amount you supply it. ex($sell aapl 10) will sell 10 aapl stocks and apply the funds to your database account…

$csell[cryptoTicker][amount]:this command, like the sell command will sell crypto example($csell btc-usd 1) will sell 1 bitcoin so long as you own enough.

$price[stockTicker]: this command will get the following, the current price of the day, the high, low and opening/closing prices for the trading day, this command also works with crypto.

$history[stockTicker][optional: month as an integer]: this command will get the last 1 years worth of history of the particular stock or crypto, create a candlestick graph and post it to the chat, you can also provide it with a month as an integer and it will give you the history from that date to today, example: (5 would be 04/05/2020)

$lookup[member]: this command will lookup a members current holdings for example, aapl at 100 stocks. usage “$lookup @Jack” will return their stock holding.

$report[“issue”]: this command will send a moderator a DM with their issue and their information to contact them automatically. example: $report “help, i’m stuck and i can’t get up.”

$calc["price A] [“operand”] [“price B”]: this command will calculate the prices between something, example “$calc 44 + 55.958”. This is useful for determining how much stock you can buy or your profit margin. (works with +, -, / and *)

$ping: returns “pong” to the chat.

$createdBy: this command will return my account.

$commands: this will list all available commands

$support: this command will return a discord URL for support.

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.


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Created by: 0x414141#8910
Short link: discord.ly/lightningeconomy