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Welcome to the new age of discord bots, Where they improve your guilds community ten fold. Luminous is no exception. Luminous is fast, reliable, and easy to use.


Welcome to the new age of discord bots, where they improve your guild’s community tenfold. Luminous is no exception - Luminous is a fast and highly customizable discord bot for all of your needs.

What’s the future looking like?

We plan to add music commands and improve the user experience of the bot. We have also planned to add AI Learning algorithms to detect and delete explicit content. This will be part of the Automod update.

How do I use Luminous?

You can join our discord server here for a full list of commands

Moderation Commands

Luminous offers a wide range of moderation commands. Here’s how to use them:

*warn - Warns a user
*warn <@user> <reason>
*warn @quin#3017 breaking rule 1

*kick - Kicks a user
*kick <@user> <reason>
*kick @quin#3017 spamming

*ban - Bans a user
*ban <@user> <reason>
*ban @quin#3017 breaking rule 2

*mute - Mutes a user
*mute <@user> <timespan> <reason>


10m - Ten minutes

1h - One hour

45s - Forty five seconds

2d - Two days

1y - One year (not recommended)

*mute @quin#3017 30m spamming

*unmute - Unmutes a muted user
*unmute <@user>
*unmute @quin#3017

*modlogs - View a users modlogs
*modlogs <@user>
*modlogs @quin#3017

*clearlogs - Clears a users logs

*clearlogs <@user> <log_number>
*clearlogs <@user> all

*clearlogs @quin#3017 3

*purge - Deletes n messages

*purge <amount>
*purge <@user> <amount>

*purge @quin#3017 10
*purge 25


Luminous offers a customizable level system for your server. Here’s how to set it up: Run *levelsettings list in your guild to see your current level settings

Settings explained:

XP Multiplier - The multiplier for the next levels required experience

XP Per Message - The amount of XP to give per Message

XP Per Minute in VC - The amount of XP to give for each minute a user is in VC

Max Level - The Maximum reachable level

Level Advancement Channel - The channel to post Level advancement messages

Color - The color of the Level Advancement embeds

Default XP - The default XP for level one. this is the XP that gets multiplied by
the XP Multiplier

Changing the Level Settings

You can change all the values with the *levelsettings command.

XP Multiplier
To change the XP Multiplier run the command *levelsettings xpmultiplier <new_value>.

XP Per Message
To change the amount of XP per Message run the command *levelsettings messagexp <new_value>

XP per Minute in VC
To change the amount of XP per minute in VC run the command *levelsettings voicexp <new_value>

Max Level
To change the Max Level run the command *levelsettings maxlevel <new_value>

Level Advancement Channel
To change the level advancement channelrun the command *levelsettings channel <#channel>

To change the color of the level advancement Embed run the command *levelsettings color <R> <G> <B>

Default XP
To change the Default XP, run the command *levelsettings defaultxp <new_value>

You can join our discord server here for a full list of commands.

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.