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Lunatic is a BOT of moderation, fun and much more.
You can vote once every 12 hours.
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Enhance your experience on your server!
Thanks to Lunatic, moderating your guild will be much easier. It also brings various features so your community can have fun with it.
Using Lunatic, you won’t need another music bot since it features this option as well.
And most of all, you are able to customize this bot as you wish by using the dashboard: https://lunatic-bot.xyz/ !

 l!enablelogs [type] [boolean] > Activate certain logs.
 l!setlogschannel [channel] > Modify the log channel.
 l!setprefix [new prefix] > Change the bot prefix.

 l!changelog > See Lunatic changes
 l!help > Show help
 l!info > Bot information
 l!ping > Bot ping
 l!serverinfo > Server information
 l!support > Need help ? Join the support discord
 l!userinfo [user info] > User information

 l!brazzers [user mention] > Generate an image with the brazzers banner
 l!triggered [user mention] > Turns your image into a triggered image

 l!ban [user mention] [reason] > Ban a member
 l!kick [user mention] [reason] > Kick a member
 l!unban [user id] > Unban a member

 l!play [song name] > Plays a song from YouTube
 l!pause > Pause music
 l!resume > Resume music
 l!skip > Skip to the next music
 l!stop > Stop music

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